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 September 16 - WED

  • Little Fat Birds!

  • Demo by Nita VanTil


Check out the Scrapbook Pages for the August Bead Exchange Party.  Also, check June and July to see photos from the bead grinding and polishing party and BOC Bingo Night!

Also, if you missed the April or May meetings, see Stephanie’s murini demo and Marcy's dogwood flower demo on the Scrapbook Pages.


Members!  Send bead photos and your info for the Member Gallery Page!!



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The Southern Flames 2015 Postcard

Photography by Lynn Short.  Layout by Jennifer Fisher


Links to Artist Information and Postcards from Past Years

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The ISGB Journey Book is Inspiring!


Journey is a glimpse into the evolution of ISGB members who are sharing their personal growth in beadmaking while supporting our organization. This fundraising effort, open to newcomers, well-known lampworkers, or like many of us, somewhere in between, was open to all members. Some chose to show just their current work while others included a visual timeline from their early days working with glass to now. 


See the cover and the Southern Flames' pages HERE, and order your copy at:  

It's inspiring!!

                                               People sharing their love for glass bead making and related arts in Atlanta, Georgia

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