August 2003 Meeting - Post Gathering (3)

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Terry  Caspary Schmidt made this bead covered with birds that was brought back from the Gathering by ??. 


The beads shown below belong to Lisa Saul.  Lisa who is a stylist traded beads for haircuts and hair color!   

Orange bead on the chain  - Cynthia Mcyntyre

5 purple round dichro beads; the round white bead with blue flowers ( bottom right); oval  greenish bead and dotted bead above it (upper left) - Amy Smith's.

Yellow/orange triangular earrings - Jenny Newtson's

Encased rose - Carolyn Baum

Orange floral (bottom left) -s Deanna Griffin Dove

Above it/etched blue is Faith Servoss's

Amphora - Karen Bye

The next three photos show Southern Flames members examining the beads brought back from the Gathering.  Margo Knight tells us that the necklace on the table was made by Sharon Peters.