Dec 2003 Michael Barley Class

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Michael taught us to make many of the beads he is so well known for including the Chrysalis Bead, Window Bead, Landscape Bead, Watercolor Bead, and some beads inspired by Japanese beadmakers.   (Photos by Marjorie Gore)
One of Michael's signature Chrysalis beads and a photo of him making one.

Watercolor beads are made with shards of blown glass.  Michael demonstrates blowing glass using a hollow mandrel

In the first photo Michael puts a large gather of glass into an optic mold.  In the second, he uses stringer to draw lines in each valley of the glass after it is pulled from the mold. He uses this type of cane in some of his Japanese inspired beads.

Michael uses the Major burner on his Nortel torch to create a huge gather of clear glass that he will use to case one of his beads.
When making a Lentil bead the glass is shaped into a football before the Lentil Mashers are used.  Here Michael shows the class the correct shape.
Sara and Lillie were two of the eight students in the Sat/Sun class.
Shown below are some of the beads that Michael has purchased or received from Japanese Beadmakers.
Thank you, Michael.