Southern Flames Christmas Tree Beads 2003

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At the November meeting, members were asked to contribute beads and buy tickets for a Christmas Tree that would be raffled off.  Linda Edmunds was the lucky, lucky winner.  That's me!  And since I am also the Web Mama I thought I'd try to share this wonderful amazing tree with all of you by photographing each artist's beads  and posting the pictures here.  What fun it was to look at each bead closely and how much I learned from your work.

The way I matched beads to artists was based on the descriptions written on forms submitted by each beadmaker. I am sure I made some mistakes and some beads were not accounted for - (See the "Orphan" beads on page 2.)  If I have misidentified any bead or you made one of the orphans, please let me know via email so I can make corrections.

Again - I thank each of you who contributed beads for this beautiful tree which I am so lucky to have won.


Angel Pruitt


Ann Schneider

Brian Renaud

Ed Mangiafico

Kim Runge

Kristy Nijenkamp


Lewanda Hardy


Lillie Bavendam


Marcy Lamberson

Lisa Ballouche

Linda Edmunds

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