July 2004 Meeting: 1

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The meeting began with Announcements made by Margo Knight who is one of Southern Flame's Co-Presidents.   Note on the right hand side of the photograph the TV  which was set up by Gerri White, owner of Beads by Design so that we can all see the demos close=up and clearly.  (Walter Green is not our first demo but the camera must have been pointing to him!)

Next we celebrated Marcy Lamberson's election as the ISGB Director for the Southeast Region.  She receive a boa, a crown of beads  and we all shared an amazing cake.



Carl Andrews brought the awesome cake. For those of you who would like another piece, it was baked by Sweet Stuff, 900 Mansell Road, Roswell GA 30076  770- 998-9373.  You can buy a whole cake from them or enjoy a slice at the coffee shop.


Next came the Lottery for Stevie Belle's class.   Everyone was on the edge of their chairs as names were drawn from a bag.  The Web Mama did not make it into the class.  Bah Humbug. 

We had three Demos.  First, Joan Houghton-Theall showed us how to cap lampworked beads with silver. Joan is also our Flamer of the Month and you can see Joan's photo, learn more about her, and look at pictures from her very excellent demo by clicking here.   
The 2nd demo was done by Kim Runge who showed us how to use the 7 petaled Steinert  optic mold to make striped cane.  In this picture, Kim is creating the large gather that will be dipped into the mold. 

In this photo Kim is pushing the glass into the Steinert Optic mold which is the silver object sitting on the table.   Kim suggested that if you would like to make cane with alternating color stripes, that you look for a Steinert mold that has an even number of petals.   We currently have two optic molds in our resource center that members can borrow..  On the right of the photo is Robert Simmons who is  videoing the demo so that members can see it close up on the TV screen shown in the first photo on this page.

The Bead Challenge Theme was Vacation/Travel.  Marsha Manuel won the prize - one of the new Southern Flames tote bags donated by Rick Hiddings (shown below)  You can buy one at our monthly meetings for 10$.  Click here to see all the challenge beads.