June 2004 Meeting: RAZZLE DAZZLE

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Razzle Dazzle was the June Meeting's theme and there was so much going on it really lived up to its name.  The Bead Challenge was Dichro ; there was a Garage sale and a dessert and appetizer contest.  Members brought examples of ways to display beads (see Bead Displays) and Sylvie demo'ed how to make a bead display stand. 
There were lots of people at this meeting including several new and/or potential members.  Elizabeth Girod is in the pink shirt and Latonya Hawkins is bending over the Garage Sale Table. 

There was so many wonderful things to look at, trade for or  buy at the Garage Sale that Announcements had to wait until shopping was over.  There were frits, tools, books, glass, stringers, sterling bangles, candlestick findings, tapes and much, much more and all at wonderfully reduced prices.   (Next to each item is a form which lists the owner and the value of the item and whether it is open for purchase and/or trade.)



Members looks at all of the display methods and of course, the beads that are displayed on them.  Click here to see more about the individual display methods.

Sylvie Lansdowne shows a group of members how to make a simple spiraled wire display stand.

In addition to the Bead challenge, we had a double food challenge - desserts and appetizers - with the winners getting beautiful beaded ribbons made by Nita Vantil - you can see them hanging from the lamp in the background.  There were cookies, brownies, fudge, merigues, cheese cake for dessert.  And for those who like to eat dinner first there were chicken wings, chicken nuggats, salmon rolls (yum), deviled eggs, dips and more. 

The June bead challenge was Dichro glass  and the prize was a bag of Dichro.  Dichro Beads are notoriously hard to photograph and the lighting here made it even more impossible. We are only posting two photos of the  beads to give you an idea of the contributions - no close-ups  because the close-ups were even more out of focus and did not capture either the color or the sparkle. . If anyone else got some good photos of some great beads, please give them to us and we will post them.  *** 6/28  Robert Simmons just sent  us a closeup of his dichro bead - scroll down to view it.


Robert Simmons Dichro Moon bead.