February 2005 Meeting: Sweetheart Exchange

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Walter Green took these photos and wrote all the captions (except for the note about Sachiko)  ... The Web Mama couldn't be at the meeting because she was up in Canada playing Grand- Mama.  But when I saw Walter's photos and read his descriptions it helped me not feel so bad about missing what is one of the most fun meetings of the whole year.  

Our Member of the Month: Sachiko

The Board selected Sachiko to be member of the month when we found out that Just Beads made her their featured artist of the month.  Click here to read more about Sachiko and see some of her exquisite beads.  Note this link may not work after February.


Our great new hood installed above Sylvie's beautiful paintings.

Our officers share the bad news: we have to form a legal entity to get insurance for our members

Kristy, Kim and Margo draw the winners for Sylvie's class.

While the rest of us dig into some great appetizers and desserts.

New member, Sharon Ahmed, starts off the bead drawing while Sachiko looks on.

Robert admires the beautiful Sachiko bead he drew and Margo finally stole to keep.

Kim admires Mary's draw. 

One lucky member got three of Stephanie's boro beauties.

Margo contemplates stealing another fine bead.

Adele gets to hold her draw for a few minutes, sigh...

Adele shows off Sylvie's mermaid.

Robert examines Sara's draw.

Christy bemoans a great bead she knows will be stolen

Finally, Christy gets to keep a great silver heart.

Renee admires her draw.

Marsha hopes she gets to keep her beautiful pendant by Joan.

Christina Foley shows off Kristy Nijenkamp's gorgeous hollow bead.


The final draw was this black beauty.  (Update 2/19 - Marcy wrote that she won this bead and loves it.  It is not black but a deep plum hollow with reduction frit. Marcy forgot to include the name of the artist - please let the Web Mama know if you do)