July 2005  Meeting - Inside-Out Demo by Brian Renoud

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Bonnie Anderson took these photos and created this page.    Thank you Bonnie!
Announcements were made at the beginning of the meeting by our 2004-2005 co-presidents:
Carl Andrews and Margo Knight


JULY CHALLENGE: In honor of Brian's demo, the Bead challenge was Boro beads and Boro look-alike beads.
Boro look-alikes are beads made of soft glass - e.g. moretti, lausha, bullseye - which are made to resemble the Boro palette.


BRIAN RENOUD did a demo of his borosilicate blown beads. The first bead was an Inside Out Bead. As always, Gerry White was on hand to video tape the demo so that is was easy for all to see.


The finished Inside Out Bead

Doing a Coil Pot

 The Bead Quilt Gerry is making for The Gathering.

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