March 2005 Meeting - More Photos

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Robert Simmons and Marcy Lamberson both took photos at the March Meeting.  Robert took this photo of Nita Van Til telling the group about the Bead Extravaganza that will take place on a Saturday in May. It will be a great day of community bead making to supply beads for the Gathering in Louisville. Marcy took the photo below it. 

Note the great variety of lampworking tools behind Nita that are available for sale at Beads by Design. (Photo by Marcy)


Kristy and Carl running the lottery for Brad Pearson's classes.  

More photos of beads in the bead challenge.  The theme was Emergence and if you can identify the artists who made any of the beautiful beads, please tell the Web Mama.  3/17 Update:  Robert Simmons just sent us close-ups of the challenge beads and identified some of the artists.  Thank you Robert.
#1. Robert Simmons

2. Stephanie White?

#3. Artist ?

#4. Artist ?

#4 & #5 Artists? 

#6 Artist?

#7. Artist ?

#8. Bracelet by ?

#9. Pipe by Brian Renaud

#10. Set by Carl Andrews

Brian Renaud, Leah Fairbanks and Kristy Nijenkamp.  

Gerri White running the video cam as Leah works at the torch. Gerri is filming through a filter which greatly improves the clarity of the recording.  Gerri has loaned Southern Flames the equipment to make these video tapes and it is wonderful to be able to follow the demos close up on video monitor.

The audience is entranced. 

Stacia Schmidt is sitting front center.  Please give her any red/yellow/orange/green beads you make for the Gathering.