May 2005  - Beadmaking Extravaganza

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On Saturday May 7, Southern Flames ran a 12 hour Beadmaking Extravaganza whose goal was to make 550 beads for the 2005 Gathering in Louisville.  The beads were to be in Flame colors - orange, yellow, red with a bit of Hunter Green added since Louisville is horse country.

Two photos of Nita VanTil who organized this fun event - not only was there lots of glass to use but also lots of food to eat and many many door prizes.  Here Nita is drawing the winner of the Southern Flames bag which had hidden in it a beautiful bead made by Robert Simmons.  Want to know who the winner was - you'll have to ask Nita.


This photo was snapped late morning - the table was full of beadmakers and stayed that way most of the day.


So much glass to choose from .... Yummy!

Hundreds of Mandrels - made for us by Walter Green.  We are going to try to get him to give us the details of where to buy the steel, how to cut it, and the best way to grind the tips so we can post the instructions.

Walter Green - our Mandrel Maker!  with audience.


Some of the many door prizes .. in the back are jazzy flame decorated bandanas wrapped around packets of glass and tiny screw drivers.  The Web Mama was lucky enough to win one of these - the scarves are cool.


More photos of busy beadmakers.




Three hours into the Extravaganza, the kiln is getting full.

Check back - we hope to have more photos to share after our May meeting.

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