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Whenever Robert and Camille Simmons attend a Southern Flames meeting, look to see what Camille is wearing around her neck.  Some of the pieces that this husband and wife team make are wonderfully elegant.   Robert creates the lampwork beads.  Camille designs the neckpiece and makes the crocheted chains   For those of you who have done some beading, the crochet stitch is one of the most beautiful beading stitches available to create chains but also one of the most difficult.  Lately Robert is also trying his hand at PMC silver clay and made the endcaps for the Beach necklace shown below.  

The Necklace


Beach Bead Close Up 

Not only are the background water blues varied and opulent,  but check out the details - the sand, the jelly fish with tentacles, the seaweed - and the way the silvered ivory is used to temper the intensity of the other colors. 


A closer look at the crocheted chain by Camille and the silver end-caps by Robert.  Notice how Camille picks up the colors of the lampwork bead and uses different size seed beads for texture and sparkle.  Crocheted beaded chains always seem to lay more gracefully and keep their shape more than chains created with other stitches.  Or maybe it is just Camille's skill at putting it altogether.

Another beach themed necklace created by Robert and Camille which is currently the Sea Oats Gallery on St. George Is. in Florida.


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