2006  - February Meeting

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Two major moments at the February meeting were the demo by Pam Dugger of her signature Lion Fish and the display of the 53 purple heart beads that Southern Flames members made for the Beads of Courage Program.   Bonnie Anderson was at the meeting with her camera took all of the photos shown below.
Here is Pam Dugger in the middle of making the Lion Fish.  Note the counterweight at the end of the mandrel, the Creation Station and the metal Arrowsprings hand rest sitting over the torch.

 Pam checks the Lion Fish before putting it in the kilm.


Purple Hearts made by Southern Flames members will be sent to the children in the Beads of Courage program in Arizona with close ups following.




Adele Simpson won the the Purple Heart challenge - a $50 American Express Gift certificate.  She deserved it not only because of the beads she donated but because she gave Bonnie Anderson batteries so she could take these photos.  Thank you Adele from Bonnie and from us!


We welcome two new members to the meeting - Robin Smith and Sharon Solomon.  Sharon is a student of Marcy Lamberson.

This Bonnie Anderson ( the photogropher) with Pam Dugger and the dragon that Pam made especially for Bonnie when the two that Pam brought with her were snatched up by other dragon lovers.  Shouldn't Bonnie be kissing Pam?



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