2006  - February Pam Dugger Beads

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Pam Dugger's beads are truly amazing.  She is well known for her tropical fish but she also makes colorful parrots and wonderful dragons.  The Web Mama took a lot of the photos shown below but others were contributed by Marcia Manuel and Pam Standefer - and we hope to get more photos so check back.
A school of Pam's fish.  The  6 line Wrasse (with the green face and pink stripes) is one of the beads Pam showed us how to make in class.  All of the fish are made with Bullseye glass and the one on the far right is decorated with Bullseye lustre glass which forms a beautiful metallic shine when passed through a reducing flame.

 More of Pam's fish and note the Dragon bead in the middle.  Also note the stands which Pam makes out of boro.  She showed us how to do those too.

 More fish with Bullseye glass in front.


 This  close up photo by Marcia Manuel shows the detail in one of the more spectacular specimens.


We learned how to make a 6 line Wrasse fish in class.  In case you can't make it perfectly the first time, this close-up should help. (Photo by Marcia Manuel)


Check out the detail in this Pam Dugger's Dragon.  Pam has just started making dragons - this was one of her first four.  The wonderful photo was taken by Pam Standefer.

One of Pam's signature beads is the Lion Fish - difficult to make because of all the cutting  involved.


Another example of the use of Bullseye lustre glass .


A lovely green fish.  Pam makes the graceful fins using a combination of pliers and shears.


 This black and white fish was the Web Mama's second favorite because it was so simple and striking ... but check below to see her first favorite - which she purchased.


Two views of Pam Dugger's Scarlet Fin Wrasse.  (Well now it is the Web Mama's)  Note the detail in the fish scales. It is GORGEOUS


One of my favorite Pam Dugger Beads - from her Monet series.  It is also hollow and was purchased from Ebay about three years ago.  Pam's seller ID in Ebay is lady-fish



A Perfume bottl made by Pam during a class - about seven years ago.  At that time Pam made vessels around a steel wool core.  Now she uses a glass blowing technique.


A Seashell made by Pam with dichroic glass.  Pam rarely uses dichroic in her work so the Web Mama was lucky to be able to purchase it at the Gathering in Virginia.


At the end of class, Pam gives each student a demo bead.  I won the Seashell.  The inside is shiny and the outside which you can't see here is crusted with glass frit.  Amazing.



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