2006  - February - Pam Dugger Class

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Pam taught two classes in which she covered hollow beads,  long shaped hollows,  hollows decorated with foils and frit, and shells, vessels, fish, parrots and dragons.. It was a wonderful class and we were all surprised at what we could make following her instruction.
This is Pam Dugger with her Cheetah torch (Photo taken by Pam Standefer)   Note how it is painted.   The Cheetah is made by the same folks who make the Lynx but it has a larger flame 16 jets instead of 8. .  Pam uses both the arm rests from the Creation Station as well as the metal arch rest made by Arrowsprings.  She currently runs her Cheetah on bottled Oxygen but will be replacing that in the next month with an OS Generator.


The Thursday-Friday class.  From left to right Suzanne Patterson, Pat Obrien, Pam Duggar, Pam Standefer, Bonnie Anderson, Marcia Manuel, Marcy Lamberson and Diane Kovach. 

This is the Saturday-Sunday class - (Photo by Marcia Manuel)  From left to right Don Meadows, Adele Shepherd, Pam Dugger, Margo Knight, Joan Hougton Theall, Stephanie White.   Kim Colfer, Diane Alexander and Jerry Roey are also in the photo.

Pams beads are large - usually about 3 inches long.  In order to make it easier to support the weight of the bead, she uses a counterweight made by Arrowsprings.  You can see it in the left hand photo at the bottom of the mandrel.   In the right hand photo, Pam has made a hollow bead at the end of a hollow mandrel which she is blowing out into a vessel.


Pam showed us how to shape a bead by rolling it down a long marver which she told us works better than rotating the bead in place on the marver.  (Photo on left by Pam Standefer)



These are the beads that Pam made for us on Thursday.  From left to write the shell, the 6-lined Wrasse, a Monet bed, and a simple starter fish.   On Friday Pam made a vessel, a lustre fish, a parrot and a dragon.  If anyone has photos of these please send them so we can post them.

The beads in the 3 photos below were made by students - shells, Monet beads, starter fish and 6-lined Wrasses.  Didn't we do fabulously.


More student beads.  There were photographed by Marcia Manuel on Saturday so you can see our parrots, vessels and lots more fish.


We had a wonderful time in class - Kristy Nijenkamp is laughing at Kim Runge and her gallon size water bottle.   (Photos by Marcia Manuel)


One of us likes to wear their crown when making beads ...  (Photo by pam standefer)

The rest of us are too busy concentrating to think about our headwear.  (From right to left, Suzanne Patterson, Pat Obrien and Bonnie Anderson.)


And this is Pam Standefer - who came to class all the way from Tennessee and took some of the beautiful photos displayed here.  Thank you Pam.

One of the things that really helps make our classes run smoothly are our wonderful Teaching Assistants.  Walter Green (shown here) was the Friday TA and Kristy Nijenkamp was the TA on Thursday.  Margo Knight and Robert Simmons were TA's on Friday and Saturday.  Thank you Guys!



Oh - the other critical elements that facilitates classwork is CHOCOLATE!!!   Whoever brought these kisses, thanks and back at you!


Bonnie Anderson just sent s this photo of Kristi Nijenkamp who was our Thursday class TA.

Extra! Extra!  Walter Green just sent us some more class photos so we are adding them below.  There is even one of the Web Mama.  See if you can find her!


Pam Standefer on the left and Pat O'Brien on the right.



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