2007  - GATHERING - Beads of Courage

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Beads of Courage staff were in the Twin Cities to train staff at one of the local hospitals who are setting up a Beads of Courage Program for their pediatric patients.  They showed a wonderful video prior to one of the Friday presentations and they had a booth in the Vendor area  where you could learn more about the program and see the necklaces that the children make as they go through their therapy.  We are hoping that when Beads of Courage comes to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, they will come by to one of our meetings.  If they can't manage that, they will invite all of us to the hospital to meet them, talk with the hospital staff and  see the video. 


The Beads of Courage Booth

Jean Baruch, Director of the Program showing one of the children's Beads of Courage necklaces.


A close up of a  necklace.  It starts with the child's name.  Differently colored beads are added for each completed therapy, lampwork beads are given for special or unusual treatments and the child gets a purple heart when their therapy program is complete.


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