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The ConneXtions Show held at the American Association of Woodturners Gallery was a collaborative effort between Woodturners and ISGB glass beadmakers and it was a knockout.  A member of the ISGB was connected with an artist from the American Association of Woodturners and the pair worked in conjunction to create a piece.  Marcy Lamberson from Southern Flames created a floral chain which flowed over a wooden bowl that was created by Charles Farrar that was exhibited and which you can see below.

A bus took ISGB members to each stop on the Gallery tour and so the galleries were crowded.  Every piece was labeled with the name of the artists and most pieces were behind glass so they were  difficult to photograph.  Only a subset of the amazing pieces in the collection are captured here.  If you want to see all the pieces clearly, and know who made each one, there is, I believe, a catalog available from the ISGB Store.















Marcy Lamberson and Charles Farrar's bowl is on the left.  A close-up of it is below.


A close-up of Marcy Lamberson and Charles Farrar's bowl.


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