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The Metamorphosis show was held at the Evoke Gallery.  The exhibit was planned to show the life cycle of a glass bead - in most cases a single bead was displayed along with a piece of jewelry into which similar or related beads were incorporated.  The show was also seen at the 2007 Gas Conference before it was exhibited in St Paul.  The Web Mama has been able to identify some of the artists whose pieces are displayed,  If you want to see good photos of all of the magnificent pieces, along with the name of the artist, check to see if there is a catalog available through the ISGB store.

SF member Marcy Lamberson, not only had a piece accepted for the exhibit but it was picked to be one of the pieces shown in the window.  Way to go, Marcy!   See photo below


Sara Sally LaGrande



Terri Caspery


Sharon Peters


Kristina Logan


Barbara Simon on left.  







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