2007  - GATHERING - Misc

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Last, but not least, a few more photos from the wonderful 2007 Gathering.  If you have more photos from the Gathering send them to the Web Mama and we'll post them here

The Bead Bazaar


 Vendor and Artist Literature,


ISGB Goodies for Sale

 For Sale:  hats, aprons, shirts, bottles, pins, catalogs and much more.  All available from the ISGB store.



Silly Bead Show

This year called "Creativity Unleashed"  with prizes and costumes for everyone.




Technical Vendor Area


A few of the people at the conference and more important what they were wearing around their necks!

Patti Cahill (left) and Debbie Swift (Right)


Barbara Swift and a closeup of her bead.



Dumbledore has escaped from Hogwarts to shop at the Bead Bazaar.  He knows where the magic is ..... but where is Harry?


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