2007  - GATHERING - Southern Flames Members

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Lots of Southern Flames members traveled to Minneapolis for the Gathering.  We managed to get photos of most of them and apologize to those we were not quick enough to capture. For example, Gerry and Stephanie White were there - always when the Web Mama's camera was elsewhere. We did get Andree Kosak on camera - but its a new camera and what we recorded was a video of Andree which we can't post here. When we took a picture of Maureen McRorie at the FlameTree Glass booth, Lance McRorie was somewhere else.   And of course, Marcy Lamberson was so busy at the Gathering that it is impossible to catch her on film!  We also missed seeing Martha and Walter Fuerst as well as Kim Coffer.  If you have photos of these folks send them on to the Web Mama so they can be posted.


Alice St Germain in her booth at the Bead Bazaar.  She really wanted an action shot but how active can you be behind a bead table?

Lillie Bavendam and Marie Shackleford in the Technical Vendor area.

Kristy Nijenkamp helping with the Silent Auction boards and Renee Taylor shopping at the Bead Bazaar



Maureen McRorie at the FlameTree Glass booth in the vendor area. 


One of Maureen Mc Rorie's beads - cool.   You need to visit the shop FlameTree Glass in Roswell and see more of her work and Lances.

Nita Van Til and Margo Knight at Nita's Bead Bazaar booth.  The Web Mama bought an elegant bead from Nita.



Kim Runge in her booth with a close up of some of her beads below it.


Margo Knight on the Gallery Tour.  She made the bead she is wearing specially to match her shirt.  Look at the close-up of the bead below - what a knockout.



And last but not least the Web Mama (Linda Edmunds)  on a Segway Tour of downtown Minneapolis.  The bridge in the background may be the one that collapsed 2 days later.  Thankfully all of our ISGB friends who stayed to clean up details after the conference are safe.



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