2007  - JUNE MEETING - Bead Discussion

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The June Meeting started with a presentation of gifts bags to outgoing Board members Marcy Lamberson, Bonnie Anderson and Carl Andrews.  The bags included beads made by current  members.  There was also a bag for Stacia Schmidt who was the secretary last year but could not attend the meeting.

Next, Marcy Lamberson did a demo of a Shell bead. 

After Marcy's demo was completed (and there are lots more photos of this on another page of the Scrapbook), the group sat in a circle and each member shared several of their beads.    "Each person told what they used to make the beads, the type of glass, and a little about each bead.  There was lots of eye candy present, and each member had something special to share with the group." 


In this photo Brian Renoud, June Manis, Karen Barefield are looking at beads.  Diane Kovach on the right is taking photos as each bead comes to her. 

Brian Renoud brought a box of his beads and pendants to share.

Kristy Nijenkamp's beautiful daughter examines one of Brian's floral pendants.

Carl Andrews (left) and Julia Benson-Slaughter each hold up a bead as they describe it
Karen Barefield examining bead.  Stephanie White watches while standing up

Andrea Winkler


Martha Fuerst

Four of the beads that members brought to share are shown below.  These photos are by Adele Shepherd but there are lots more bead photos taken by Diane Kovach on the next page.
Alice St Germain Focal


Diane Kovach Fish

Angel by Adele Shepherd

We are guessin that this bead is by Martha Fuerst with the end caps made by her husband

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