2007  - NOVEMBER BEAD SWAP continued -

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Margo Knight also took photos at the November Bead Swap - lots of members eyeing, stealing, picking and gloating over beads won.  You can see that we always have a big turnout at our Bead Swaps.


Martha Fuerst, our Librarian, describes this month's Resource Cabinet "Specials".


Kim Runge looks over the wrapped beads trying to figure out what might be inside.

Andrea Winkler thinking about whether she should pick a wrapped bead or plunder an already opened one.


Julia Benson-Slaughter checking out each of the beads that other members have selected.  She makes a decision and ....


....  and she is very happy with her pick.



Another member who looks really thrilled with their new bead.


Donna Myrick helps her sister Diane Kovach to open her bead package.



Adele Simpson smiles at the Marcy Lamberson bead she has for the moment.


Gerry White, wearing a beautiful red beaded necklace, opens a beautifully wrapped package also wrapped in red..


A perfect bead and a perfect manicure!



Marcy Lamberson is happy with her bead - or is it a beast?

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