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This year's Bead Swap was as exciting as those we have had before.  The Web Mama wasn't able to attend but thanks Diane Kovach for taking these photos so that we can all enjoy the event.

Look at the gorgeous pile of wrapped beads below.



As  usual, members sat in a circleto pick, swap and steal beads from each other.  From left to right, Becky Sizemore,  Michael Dean, Carl Andrews, Brian Renoud, Adele Shepherd, Julia Benson-Slaughter and Gerry White.


Below are some of the beads, bead sets, and jewelry that were traded.

 If you were the artist who made the piece or the member who went home with it, let the Web Mama know so that we can update the site with the names of the makers and new  owners.


 1 and 2 



4, 5 and 6



7 and 8.


9 and 10.


11 and 12



14.   15.    16.


17 and 18





Somebody didn't get the bead they loved best!


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