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This was an amazing class because Lisa St Martin who has had experience in almost every area of art glass was able to provide the attendees with a wealth of tips and techniques that drew upon her understanding of glass and glass chemistry.  So in addition to learning to make beads using silver, gold, all types of copper, dichroic glass and powders we also learned why glass and metals behave and interact the way they do and how to control those interactions. She advised us about purchasing metals at budget prices and what tools should be used when working with these metals.  Plus we learned to make dichro stringer and a great new casing technique - even the Web Mama made cased beads!


If you were not fortunate enough to attend the class, Lisa told us that her video covers most of the topics she taught. If you would like to purchase a copy email Lisa@Glassbeads.com  The cost is $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

Because we were working with metals and powders, Southern Flames provided each class member with a respirator.  It is especially important  to wear a respirator when you are fuming with gold or silver.  The respirators were purchased for under $10 from EnviroSafety Products.  Go to their Website and type in the SKU#  3MM8233 to locate it.  Thank you Margo Knight for researching and purchasing these for our classes.


Lisa worked in class with a many forms of copper.   The bead on the left is made with copper mesh.  The one in the middle uses copper leaf. Note that copper sheet or foil will turn deep burgandy while the lighter leaf produces a green/blue effect.



Copper foil, copper mesh and copper wire are some of the materials we used in class. Lisa advised that we use pure copper sheet that is as thin as possible;  that we work with a large holed copper mesh and that our copper wire be 28 guage.


Copper sheet and copper mesh can be purchased at Michaels or other hobby stores.


One of the fun supplies we worked with were the Glow in the Dark powders which was used to make the bead on the right.


The bead shown below was made from clear glass fumed with gold which gives it the pink color.  We did both gold and silver fuming in class using the tools and techniques Lisa taught us.

Shown below some of the students in the Sat / Sun class as well as our wonderful TA Renee Taylor. 


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