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Southern Flames members have been making beads for the Beads of Courage (BOC) Program in Arizona for several years.  This April, the program is coming to two children's hospitals in Atlanta - Egleston and Scottish Rite.  Robert Simmons who has coordinated the relationship between BOC  and SF has collected  79 hearts, 19 butterflies >and 83 other beads  from SF members to support this new program.  He also took the photos shown below. For more information about the Beads of Courage program and Southern Flames participation, click here or contact Robert Simmons at rbsimmons@mindspring.com.

When child completes their treatment they can select a purple heart to add to their personal necklace to celebrate the event. 


Other beads may be selected when for "acts of courage" and/or especially painful or traumatic procedures.


If a child dies, the parents are given the child's necklace as a keepsake with a Glass Butterfly added to it.

Contact Robert Simmons who is the Southern Flames Liaison to the BOC Program: rbsimmons@mindspring.com for additional information.

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