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There was a large turnout at the July meeting probably because learning more about photographing beads is so important to showing and selling our work and we would all like to  improve in this area.  More about the wonderful presentation by Shannon Brickey and Don Meadows on the next page of this scrapbook.  (Click here to go to it but read this page first!!)

One of the nicest events of this meeting was the presentation of gifts to our outgoing Board Members.  Diane Kovach presented beads made by our new Board members to  Kim Runge and Karen Barefield.  Kim served as treasurer for several years and we are all benefited by her careful management of SF funds and her 'cut to the chase' comments on issues up for Board consideration.  Karen Barefield stepped up to be both Secretary and co- President when Alice St Germain moved to Maryland. .  This year she will be our Librarian, an appointed position.  Adele Shepherd, our outgoing vice-president was not able to be at the meeting but we have beads for her too.  Many thanks to all of them.


Two more Karen Barefield photos.  In the left photo, Karen, our Librarian, is showing this month's featured Resource Cabinet items.  She is holding up an infinite rim marble shaper and has in her other hand a small pliers used for pulling petals on 3-dimensional flower beads. These items, as well as the others in the Cabinet are available to be borrowed for a month by SF members in good standing.  Click here to read more about the books, tools, tapes, dvd's etc that are available and the rules for borrowing them.
  On the right hand side is a photo of a purse that Karen made which is closed with a handmade cat button which reflects the fabric pattern.  Her vest also is closed with handmade buttons.  They are so charming - if she wears them to another meeting take a closer look.


At each meeting we save some time for members to update us on their business or other glass-related activities.  This is Mary Brightwell   who is opening up her glass studio in Woodstock for workshops and open studio time. Her studio includes, in addition to torches and kilns for fusing and beadmaking,  coldwork machines including  a vertical wet belt sander, professional tile saws, diamond flat grinders,  a diamond drill press and a sandblaster.  Mary also sells  Bullseye rods, sheet glass, frit and tools. Go to  her website www.brightwellglass.com for more information.

Julia Benson-Slaughter (on the far left) described the work that she and Andrea Winkler are doing to create a glass "Wiki".  A Wiki as they describe it is a "collaborative online encyclopedia" to which community members are invited to submit and edit articles, tutorials, tips and other information..  Its goal is to serve as a one-stop information resource for the glass/beadmaking community.   To read more about what a Wiki is and how to submit articles to it, go to http://theglasshaven.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page


The theme for this month's bead challenge was "High Contrast" beads.  Beads using colors that contrast well with each other, are easier to photograph well which is why the Board selected this theme.  The winner of challenge drawing was Brian Renoud!


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