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If you missed the Bead Swap at the June Meeting, you are going to be sad, sad, sad when you look at the beads that were traded.  The Web Mama couldn't be there and she is mad, mad, mad.  Diane Kovach took lots of photos so we can all drool!

Dave Robbins looks at the box he is about to open.

Brian Renoud tears off the tissue paper on his selection and then immediately puts it on.   Brian is a big guy and it must have been a challenge for any one who decided the necklace should be theirs instead of his. It was made by Nita VanTil



A classic shot - Marcy Lamberson peers at the bead that Margo Knight has just unwrapped and plots how to steal it.

Shown below are the gorgeous beads that were exchanged - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you know who made any of these beads or who was their final owner, send the Web Mama an e-mail Linda_Edmunds@lilysteelebeads.com
1. May I have this dance? This charming and elegant evening set was made by Christie Prince

 2. This fish swam up from Clearwater, Florida - a closeup to the right.

Who made me? Who owns me?

3. A fetching Doggie Necklace with Doggie Bone earrings - what could be more fun to wear?  By Marcy Lamberson

4. This bead by Margo Knight features a perfectly cut and applied silver leaf. Not easy to do folks!

5. A royal purple dichro bauble - fit for a queen or a princess or a web mama - yum. The bead maker is Andrew Lunde


6.  The beautiful swirling colors in this pendant look like it is made of boro.  Is it?

7. So much color, so much silver, so much loveliness

9. An adorable penguin with accompanying benefits.


8. More than a dozen beads in this wonderful set which includes a flower and is that a bunny hiding next to it.  It looks so beautiful against the rose tissue - who ever took home the set must have a rose cashmere sweater to wear with it.

9. The colors in this slim tube bead with matching spacers are so fresh and cool - great to wear on a hot humid day.

10. A close-up of the unique and arty necklace Brian Renaud is opening and wearing in the photos at the top of this page.  Made by Nita Van Til

11.  Is this silver glass, Is it boro glass - we're not sure but we are sure we'd like to have won it.  Update: We've been told it is boro and was made by Kristy Nijenkamp.  Aren't the colors luscious - it is amazing what beadmakers can do who understand how boro reacts in the flame and in the kiln.

12. The color palette in this bead is unusual and very sophisticated - it would make a great centerpiece to a fabulous necklace.

13. A beautiful silvered ivory shell pendant - we wish we could see the other side too.  It was made by Martha Fuerst.

14. Love, Love, Love this graceful heart shaped pendant.

15 & 16 Two finished necklaces - by the same artist?  Can we have them both?


14. I think that I shall never see a bead with such a lovely tree.



15. Scatter your blossoms where you may, the bloom of this bead will last many a day.

16. And finally, an amazing butterfly murrini and a jungle landscape complete with parrot or is it a macaw - will the artist please let us know. Update:  The artist is Stephanie White - she really con do anything.


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