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The Web Mama's favorite event of the year - the Southern Flames Garage Sale & Swap where your junk is my treasure  So uplifting to clean out your own studio of glass, books, tools and assorted stuff not being used.  And so much fun to get just that glass, book tool or item that you always wanted to try .... and at a bargain price!  If you didn't make it to the Garage Sale & Swap this year, be sure to join us at the next one. 

The sale hasn't actually begun but guests and members are checking out the available items.



 Sara Bergeron came all the way from the Mid West - Michigan, we think - for our Garage Sale and purchased a book!



We filled several tables with items for sale or trade.  Look closely and you will see 2 regular marvers and one special (purple) Zooziis marver.  Also, on the table a copy of "Just Plain Beads" by Deanna Griffin-Dove, a tool caddy, cigar boxes fitted for bead storage and/or display, a stringer holder (used common folk for long ice cubes) and more.


Too big for a table was this beautifully built glass rod storage rack.



Each item was accompanied by a form indicating its owner, its value and whether it was for sale and or for barter. Can you see a torch lighter,  several jars of frit, a Jim Smircich button press, a lentil press and a small bead masher and more.



The Garage Swap and Sale is a good place to buy bundles of different types of glass that you might want to try - vetrofond, uroboros, and other types were available.


This hunk of glass would be hard to use in rod form but because of its intense color, it makes fabulous frit.

In keeping with the meeting.s main event, the theme for the Bead Challenge was "Garage Sale".  Most interpreted this to mean "end of day" beads which are made from whatever scraps of glass that remain on your work table as you get to the end of a bead making session.

The winner of the Bead Challenge drawing was David Lawrence.  He won a $25 Gift Certificate to Beads by Design.

 Some of the beads entered in the challenge are sworn below - if you know who made any of them, let the Web Mama know.



4. End of Day Bead by Marcy Lamberson


Most of you know, that we have a Resource Library filled with books and DVD's and Videos and tools that members can borrow for a month.  The process is very simple - Find our librarian and fill out the library cards for the items you want  to borrow. Shown here are the large and small petal mashers. 


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