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 This month, Diane Kovach took all of the meeting photos in addition to co-chairing the meeting.  Diane either has more hours in the day than the rest of us or she is a grand master of time management or she never sleeps.   Diane has done so much for SF during her co-presidency and no matter how much the SF Board has planned or how busy her personal teaching and show schedule is, Diane always seems to have time to help the rest of us with one more project or one more event.    So thank you Diane, for taking the photos and for everything else you do.

Diane titled the photo below the Southern Flames Gang


Many of our members have been making beads for quite a few years and have become very, very good at it.  Sometimes we are lucky to be able to talk one of these members into doing a demo for us.  SF members who have demo'd  in the past include among others Marcy Lamberson, Nita Van Til, Michael Dean, Sylvie Lansdowne, Karen and Larry Barefield, Brian Renaud, Fred Fuerst, and Joan Houghton-Theall.

This month we were lucky to have Renee Taylor show us how to make an off- mandrel pendant out of soft (104) glass.


Photos of two of Renee's pendants followed by two photos of her making one at the SF meeting.


Because Renee was making a pendant, this months bead challenge was for members to bring pendants they had made - either on or off the mandrel.  If you can identify any of the bead artists who made the pendants shown below, send the Web Mama an email so we can tell everyone who made it.


1. Pendant by Kristy Nijenkamp


2. Pendant by


3. Pendant by


4. Pendant by


5. Pendant by Kelley Wenzel


6. Pendant by 
7. Pendant by



8. Pendant by Mary Brightwell. 

The winner of the Bead Challenge Drawing was Mary Brightwell and her off mandrel dichroic pendant  is shown below


8. Pendant by Kristy Nijenkamp

We all like to look at each other's work even if it goes beyond the theme of the Bead Challenge.  This month Don Meadows brought two goblets that he made.  A close-up of  his face goblet is shown on the right.


Carl Andrews also brought his first large boro sculpture to show us.  The complexity of the piece is amazing.


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