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Over a 3 day period in November (21-23) Beads by Design sponsored a beadmaking marathon to benefit the Beads of Courage programs in Atlanta.  Many, many Southern Flames member came and made beads for the children. 

The picture  below is very special - Stephanie White o making a bead while Ryan, who participates in the BOC program, watches.


Eight torches were set up at Beads by Design for Beadmakers to use.  Here, Gerry White, owner of the Beads by Design store and Stephanie White set up the equipment.

Saturday morning, Kim Runge and another unidentified SF member make beads.


Robert Simmons who is the coordinator between Southern Flames and the Atlanta Beads of Courage program arrives.  He is wearing a necklace like the ones the children wear.  The necklace starts with their name and each time they complete a treatment or reach a milestone, they are able to pick another bead to add to their necklace.



Marcy Lamberson demonstrated how to make Face Beads.  Face beads are given to BOC clinical staff who work with the children.  Visitors to the Artisan Resource Center Open House which was held the same weekend look on.


Some of the Face beads that Marcy made. You can see lots more of these beads made by other Southern Flames members if you look at the BOC Marathon Beads page.


Andrea Winkler with some more guests watching - the kids were really fascinated.


Lillie Bavendam, who has already made several thousand beads for the BOC program worked to contribute some more.


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