2008  -  NOVEMBER _ BOC  MARATHON BEADS (photos by robert simmons)

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Both our co-presidents, had prior commitments and could not attend the monthly meeting, so our vice president Renee Taylor led the meeting. 

 Robert Simmons reported that SF Members made a total of 264 beads over the course of the 3 day marathon.  On Thanksgiving Day he and Camille Simmons delivered these beads as well as another 250 donated beads to kids and staff - a total of about 600 beads.  Robert took the photo of the Marathon Beads and if you are interested in seeing how the ones you made turned out look at the close-ups below.

264 Beads made during BOC Marathon

 Close-Us Below - Note the face beads on the left.  Marcy Lamberson showed the Saturday beadmakers how to make faces and everyone had fun making them.  Kim Runge made the little boy at top left in the baseball cap.


Lots of Christmas beads, one butterfly and many many others


On the left are glow-in-the-dark Radiation Therapy beads.  There is a tutorial in the Tips and Techniques section, if you want to make some of there.

Fish and purple hearts are always needed.

The winner of the challenge was Karen Barefield - obviously surprised to be picked!


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