2008  -  OCTOBER MEETING - Jeff Barber Demo  (photos by Cristie Prince)

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Both our co-presidents, had prior commitments and could not attend the monthly meeting, so our vice president Renee Taylor led the meeting. 

We had a demo by a very special instructor, Jeff Barber who works with Japanese Satake glass.  Many of you who know about the annual Bead and Button show - one of the biggest in the United States and many are subscribers to the Bead and Button Magazine.  This year to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Magazine, Jeff Barber was asked to make a "Collectors Edition" Bead.  "It is made with copper leaf, gold leaf, powdered glass and a murrini, framed by silver end caps that are stamped with "Bead & Button 15" and "J. Barber."  We were really lucky to have him teach for us.


Cristie Prince in addition to all her other duties at the meeting - she is responsible for set-up and clean-up and food supply -  took the photos shown below.  Thank you Cristie for all you do.   (As an aside, our meetings end at 9:00 and if you could help Cristie by returning your chair to the back of Beads by Design, we would all appreciate it.)  An now the photos...


Jeff Barber working his magic with Satake glass.

Renee Taylor VP running the meeting.




And some photos of our SF members.


The October Bead Challenge to use a color triad - any 3 colors on the color wheel that are at the points of an equilateral triangle.

The winner of the challenge was Karen Barefield - obviously surprised to be picked!

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