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Martha Fuerst purchased one of Julie Ferguson's most beautiful beads. Then her husband Fred Fuerst took these amazing photos of it which really show off the multiple and subtle color range.  Making photos that are as outstanding as these may be almost as difficult as coaxing color out of reactive silver glass.  Way to go Fred - many thanks for sharing these.

(Scroll down for more information about the glass in this bead)


The Web Mama asked Martha Fuerst if she knew what type of glass was used in this bead.  Martha emailed Julie Ferguson and Julie  promptly replied that she made the bead in 2007 so she wasn't certain of all the colors.

Martha writes: "She was doing a lot of ASK colors then and said the base bead is probably one of them. At that time, she said there were very few 104 reactive colors available. Double Helix and R4 had a few, and Julie's favorite was Monet, and she would guess that's the blue part. She said that regardless of whether the blue dot was Monet, Kadinsky or Chagall (all R4 colors), the three would "act" the same in how they were used -  reduced and topped with clear. The dark, almost black outline is the part of the reactive color that wasn't covered in clear, so it lost its reduction but provided some nice contract.

She is positive that the outer layer of the "petals" - the ones that are raked up through the blue part - are original Terra, which were reduced and topped with clear. The little dots that top the end of each pull may have been some leftover twisties that she had on hand (maybe Raku twisted with black and topped with clear)."





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