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As our January Meeting we were very lucky to have a presentation by Margie Deeb who is an author of four extraordinary books, a well known beader, a monthly columnist, and a teacher.  For more information about Margie, her books and her work, go to her website at www.margiedeeb.com. Presenting with Margie was Kristy Nijenkamp  a Southern Flames lamp worker who specializes in custom orders and has contributed to several of Margie's books.  In the photos below Margie is on the left and Kristy is on the right.



The theme of the presentation was "Finding Inspiration Anywhere".  As Margie wrote

"Look around you: color inspiration is everywhere. When you grasp the importance of color properties and the power of proportions, you can take any scheme you find, put yourself into it, and create unique color palettes expressive of your color voice."  The presentation was based on Margie's latest book The Beaders Color Palette and she brought color wheels and all of her books for members to browse.  If you are not familiar with Margie's writing, you can  click here to read some of her columns  which she publishes under the name "Margies Muse".



Margie and Kristy showed us many examples of photos and the beads and or jewelry that the photos inspired.  Below is a necklace made by Margie inspired by a photo from the King Tut exhibit.  The color analysis that Margie does is shown to the left of the photo.


Two more examples of Margie's jewelry resting on the photos that inspired them.


In this photo Margie shows how a photo of spices inspired one of her signature beaded pieces.  A closer look at the photo and the necklace is at the right.


Here Margie explains how important it is not only to identify the colors in a photo but also to guage the proportion of each color. To make her point she showed us two drawings of beads.  The colors are exactly the same but the proportions of each color are very different.


Kristy Nijenkamp often works from fabric samples when she is making  custom beads and jewelry for clients.  Below is one of Kristy's beads and the jacket that inspired it.


Another example of fabric inspired beads made by Kristy.

The beads in this bracelet were made made by Kristy using the colors found in the desert photograph.

In Kristy's part of the presentation she discussed the methods she uses to create the colors she needs to  match the color  of a photo or fabric.  Techniques she uses to expand the limited color palette available to lampworkers include color mixing, color layering, using frit. She showed us sample cards and sample strands of test beads that she used to keep track of her experiments.  The glowing colors in the blue bead was shown below were made by mixing and layering colors.


 Two examples of the cards used by Kristy Kristy to track her experiments in mixing and layering colors.  She recommends Chapter 7 in Drew Frit's book Torchworked Marbles for help with color mixing.  Click here for a reference to it.


Thank you Margie and Kristy for a wonderful presentation!!  And there are even more photos from link to Andrews photos in the Scrapbook Index.

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