Heather Trimlett DEMO

(photos by Fred Fuerst)


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In addition to teaching two classes for Southern Flames, Heather Trimlett also gave a demo at our October Meeting. She showed the group how she makes twisted stringer and disk beads.  Fred Fuerst took these clear, close-up photos which showcase the precision with which Heather works.  The beads that Heather makes are deceptively simple in design but technically very difficult to make  because they require an unrelenting control of the heat.  There are several photos of Heather's disk beads on another page of the scrapbook.

  A beautiful portrait of Heather wearing one of her necklaces - note how Heather uses bright colors against a black and white pattern. This combination of color with black and white patterns is a signature style of Heather's.


Getting ready to make stringer.



Building up a paddle of cobalt glass.  White glass will be added.



A metal punty is applied to each end and the glass is heated as Heather prepares to pull and twist.


 The twisted stringer is finished and cooling.

Heather starts the disk bead using a base of transparent aqua g;ass.


The black and white stringer is applied to the base bead. 


The bead is heated to keep it centered, even, and straight up.  (If you are wondering what the 2nd green ring on the mandrel is, it is a ring that Heather laid down first and then decided was not good enough to be the base of the bead.)

Heather lets the disk cool so that we can see how evenly the stringer is applied.  Try to find where the join is - not easy when it is a Heather Trimlett bead.

The disk is warmed up again ready for the next step.

Heather applies tiny dots.  Look how evenly spaced and sized they are.


The bead is warmed again.

Heather adds some more glass to each dot.

The finished bead - simple but perfect and SO difficult to do well.


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