(photos by Fred Fuerst)


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Lance McRorie with his wife Maureen McRorie are the owners of FlameTree Glass located in Roswell.  FlameTree carries hard and soft glass from a variety of manufacturers as well as torches, kilns and lampworking tools, books, kits and supplies.  They also offer a full range of lampworking classes many of which are taught by Lance who can do about anything with any type of hard or soft glass

At our September Meeting we were fortunate to have Lance demo for us.  He made us a sculptural frog using borosilicate glass .   Fred Fuerst was at the meeting and took the pictures shown below except for the first one of the green flog

  Lance brought this frog to show the group what he was going to make.


 Photos of Lance at the Torch




Lance heats up the glass while the Green Frog waits patiently for his clear glass sibling to emerge from the torch.


Close--up of Lance building the frog using clear borosilicate glass.



The body of the frog is clear but the eyes are colored.  Below are the borosilicate murrine cane that Lance makes and uses for the frog eyes.

 The finished Frog - just as beautiful as his green sibling but clear is more difficult to photograph.



The audience is rapt.


The Bead challenge for the Sept Meeting was Autumn Leaves.


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