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  Hans Frabel did, in under an hour, THREE demos - first he made a Red Bud Vase; next a Topaz Bird with a reduction surface and last a clear glass  Ornament.  Shown below is the glass tubing he started with - scroll down to see the magic that grew out of his hands and torch.




Three photos of Frabel making the bud vase from the red tubing on the bench above.  You can see him heating a portion of the glass in preparation for blowing it and then the result.  Below that, Frabel is transferring the vase onto another punty - one with a cork at the end (he let the vase cool first) so that he can close and finish the vase base.  At the bottom right is a photo (from the Frabel Web Site) of a similar vase.






-This was the most complicated demo that Frabel did for us and we only a few photos but you can see on the right hand side of the table, the bird he his about to make. He starts with clear glass and after blowing the body of the bird he transfers and seals it a glass punty.  This is a difficult (according to his apprentice) maneuver which accomplishes in a single step what most other glass artist take many steps and much fussing to do.

Frabel works on the bird's head to form and shape it and coats the piece in the topaz reduction frit.


The bird's head is heated again and the beak is pulled.  This photo on the left also gives a good view of the bird's tail. In the right hand photo, Frabel is adjusting the oxygen/propane mix so it produces a reducing flame.



The last step in making the bird is reducing the surface to a beautiful, and shaded topaz finish.



Hans Frabel's last demo was a  glass ornament which was blown from clear tubing and decorated with detailed scrolling.



Frabel let the audience pass it around before putting it in the kiln. 


A close up of the finished ornament.


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