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At our May meeting, Southern Flames was honored to host a demo by Hans Godo Frabel whose art glass and studios is known around the world.  Frabel founded the Frabel Glass Art Studio in 1968 to give expression to his then novel concept of sculptural flame worked glass. At that time crystal glass was not considered a serious art medium and artists were not utilizing the beauty and diversity that the techniques of flame worked glass offers to create unique art pieces.  "Frabel's work embodies a host of mixed expressions, which find their voice in the enormous diversity of his art. His rapid exhaustion of any given subject matter and his sudden interest in a new field have given him the reputation of impetuosity in the field of torch worked glass art, which has perfected his unusual precision at the torch. This aptitude for excellence was developed through the rigorous technique of the German master craftsman system, thus earning him the nickname of Machine Hands." To read more about Frabel to see more of the Frabel pieces, you can go to one of the following links on the Frabel web site www.frabelglass.com



Lance McRorie of FlameTree glass and a knockout glassworker himeself introduced Hans Frabel to the members.


Hans Godo Frabel and two of his staff members.  We didn't get their names but the man on the left is the Manager of one of the Frabel Galleries and the one on the right is an Apprentice/Assistant who works and learns in the Studio. 



Not only did Frabel do 3 amazing demos (see photos on another page of our SF Scrapbook) but he also gave each of us a copy of the book from one of his Botanic Garden installations AND a DVD entitled Transformed by the Flame !!!    If you missed the meeting maybe you can borrow them from another member or buy a copy of the Frabel Book Excellence in Glass Art which is shown below.


9:00 p.m. - Sylvie Lansdowne - Whimsical Mermaid

Marie Shakleford - our new SF secretary is shown below along with a closeup of her pendant, which the Web Mama thought was just beautiful.


Delica is marketing a new 2-Hole bead line called Tila Beads and Beads by Design has a variety of beautiful ones for sale.  Stephanie White made up this graceful bracelet sample to show how they can be used. We don't have instructions on how to make it but Margie Deeb has a video  that shows two other bracelet styles for which you can buy a kit. You can watch the video by going to Margie's Website


Introducing Robin Snuttjer, our new Southern Flames meeting Greeter (left) and Sara Beach (Right) who is our 2011-12 Vice President.



And welcome to one of our new member Darryl M,  sitting with Maureen McRorie,co-owner of FlameTree.


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