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At least once a year Southern Flames has a Bead Swap - a meeting that makes everyone happy because we all go home with a new bead.  Before the meeting members were given the following instructions:

Make a bead everyone will want to steal,

wrap it up with no indication of the artist, and bring it for the swap! 

These are the beads exchanged at our 2012 Bead Swap.  You'll find listed the person who made the bead, a brief description or comment provided by the artist, and the lucky winner.   

1. Sara Beach's "Posey Vase," one of her Charm Bottle series. 

Won by Diane Kovach.


2.   Diane Kovach's green, black, and white beaded bracelet and earings. 

Won by William Fisher.


3. Sylvie Lansdowne's cat drawer pull from her "Unfortunate Pets" series.  Won by Marcy Lamberson.

 4.   Stephanie White's clown fish / yellow fish swimming over a blue base. 

Won by Nita VanTil.


 5.  Marcy Lamberson's blown ivory shell with carnelian center. 

Won by Darrell Moore.

6.  Becky Sizemore's ivory base culinder with frit & silver, from her "Stream Stones" series. 

Won by Karen Barefield.


7.  Nita VanTil's layered blue bead with dichro and heart. 

Won by Robin Snuttjer.


8. Robin Snuttjer's lovely flattened bicone. 

Won by Sylvie Lansdowne. 


 9.  William Fisher's "Equatorial Silver Swirl over Ivory."  Made for jewelry!  Won by Amy Sims.


 10.  Amy Sims' purple lentil with floral decoration and black dot accents. 

Won by Lynn Short.

11. Margo Knight's shard lentil. 

Won by Sara Beach.




 12. Darrell Moore's "Inside-Outside" - fumed dots melted inside a boro tube. 

Won by Margo Knight.

 13. Karen Barefield's "Kinetic Bead Lady."  She bounces! Won by Becky Sizemore.

 14.  Lynn Short's pair of "Harlequins." 

Won by Stephanie White.




 Some of the happy Swappers!


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