2015 -  January 10


Shape & Strike - Brad Shute



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   Marcy Lamberson and Brad Shute teamed up for a couple of wonderful adventures in glass. 

 Brad demonstrated some techniques for coaxing beautiful color mixes using his amazing striking glass.   Brad's glass is compatible with Effetre, and may be layered over a clear base or used for decorating a colored base bead.


 Brad begins by creating a base bead.

He heats it to glowing red.

He allows it to cool quite a lot.

Next Brad uses the same rod to add dots.

 The later addition makes the dots color differently from the base.

Now melt them in.

And heat!

Cool, and check color under bright (flash)light.

Cool, but don't stop here!

Heat again, and continue the process...

Heating and cooling entire bead or sections

Until you like the resulting colors.

Beautiful color effects on Brad's finished beads.

More color effects!!

And more color effects!!

If you've made some beads you love using Brad's glass and techniques, send in your photos and notes.

Your Web Mama will post them here for you!! 




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