2015 -  April 15


Flower Murini - Creation & Application - Stephanie White



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   Stephanie White showed us how to create beautiful flower murini,

cut them properly, and apply them to a bead.  She demonstrated the blue flower murini.

Stephanie encases the end of a metal chopstick punty with clear glass, then attaches a short length of yellow rod for the central color.   

She encases the initial rod with a deeper yellow to outline the center.


After marvering, she adds 5 black dots to mark the petal locations.

She creates petals by swiping down the length of the rod with turquoise.

Here's the initial let of petals.

Stephanie builds up the petals with additional layers.

She shapes the petals with a razor tool.

She also uses long tweezers for shaping the petals.

Then she adds a different blue on the top edges to provide a bit of shading.

Once the petals are complete, Stephanie builds a gather of clear,

and swipes the hot clear down between the cooler petals, taking care to push down thoroughly to avoid trapping air and creating bubbles.

She marvers the build once clear has been added between all the petals.

The flower is shaping up!

Stephanie next encases the entire bundle in clear

and marvers again.

Now the bundle is complete.

Marver the bundle to a point at the free end (or add scrap glass and marver to a point), then attach a punty.

Remove the original punty, marver that side a point, and reattach the initial punty.

Heat the bundle evenly, focusing especially on the ends (the center will stay hotter).

Begin pulling when the bundle is ready.

Pull evenly without twisting to desired diameter.

Cut the chips:  When the rod is cool, work over a bowl lined with a tissue to catch the murini chips.  Using a nipper, squeeze both sides equally to ensure a straight cut.

Blue and yellow flower murini ready for use!


Application:  Create a base bead, and encase in clear.  Since there is clear in the murini, the clear encasing will help the flowers appear to float over the bead.  Heat the spot on the bead, and use tungsten tweezers to heat and apply the murini.  Push the chip gently into the hot bead.

Add a dot of clear over the murini flower.

Melt in and marver to final shape.

Here's the beautiful completed  & cooled bead.


If you've made some beautiful murini beads using Stephanie's techniques, please send your photos and notes

to your Web Mama, and they'll be posted here for you!! 


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