2015 -  November 14


Adventures in EDP and Copper Green!!



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Adventures in Copper Green and EDP* - Lynn Short

Lynn’s research findings of 2015

·   Work in a neutral flame – go for more oxygen if you’re not sure.  EDP doesn’t like propane.

·   Be careful not to let the glass boil.    

·   Very thin CG stringer is pretty, but very thin EDP stringer may fade to a dull peach color.

·   The CG/EDP color reactions develop with time in the flame.

·   Don’t worry too much about the color (besides dark gray – you don’t want that!) or devitrification that may develop while you’re making and decorating the bead. 

·   If any pitting develops, work the resulting bubbles out of the bead before finishing it.

·   Once you’re satisfied with the bead shape and decoration, cool the bead a bit and put it back into the flame until it all glows red.    

·   Achieving the red glow with lentils is a bit more challenging than with rounded shapes, as you’ll need to work each side separately.

·   Check the returning color before putting the bead in the kiln.  If it’s got any remaining problem areas, heat to glowing again.

·   Encasing EDP in clear changes the color to a lovely pink! 

·   No changes were found with devitrified beads soaked for an hour in jeweler’s pickle, Pepsi, Lime-A-Way, or Lysol Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide.

·   Etching is always an option.

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What NOT to do:

·         Be careful not to let the glass boil.  Keep the bead a bit farther out in the flame, or turn the flame down a bit.  Bubbling creates scum and pitting.

·         A slightly reducing flame may clear EDP devitrification, but propane is what turns the glass gray.

·         If the copper green sparks and boils enough, it may become metallic. 

·         Do not add insurance heat!  That little flashing in the flame causes devitrification, so unless you’re looking for a whitish, etched look, don’t be tempted.  

·         There has been some speculation in the lampworking forums that a closed kiln (used for batch annealing) or one that’s been used with metals may cause devitrification. 



Additional info:  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=274474:

“I have made several sets of this color combination and I agree it sure is pretty. The secret with EDP is that after you decorate your bead, heat it all up until the purple is shiny again. Heat the snot out of it then take it out of the flame and DON'T put it back in again. This will cause the EDP to get all devitrified again.

What I really like about EDP and CG together is the many colors you can get
out of it. When the EDP spreads, it causes the CG to get darker or lighter, depending on the design and placement of colors. The round CG beads in the photo were dipped in etch all to remove the gunk. Just dipped in and out to get rid of the grey, but not etched completely.” 

Other Copper Green suggestions from the same website:

“No pictures, but one of my favorite combos is copper green, ivory, and dark violet. And if you hold your mouth just right, you can get the metallic hints on the green and violet.”


“I make a core bead of white or ivory and cover it with copper green. I do this with all the expensive colors.  I really like it over black too. And mixed with rubino pink is awesome. The first bead is black base, 4/5th's copper green frit with 1/5th of periwinkle frit mixed in, encased. The clear encasing bled but I like how it looks.  P.S. I made my frit in a coffee grinder.




http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Dec-2003/16202-bicone.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Dec-2003/16202-snake.jpg



Another bead is a black base, silver, copper green dots topped with rubino pink. It is so real looking you want to touch it to see if it's snakeskin!  Good luck. http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Dec-2003/16202-giraffe.jpg.”


* Evil Devitrifying Purple AKA Effetre Purple Premium Opaque Pastel # 591254.



If you've made some beautiful EDP and Copper Green beads since the demo, please send your photos and notes to your Web Mama, and they'll be posted here for you!! 


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