2016 -  February 20


Tiny Stringer and Hanabi Cane

Margo Knight


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Margo created a beautiful floral bead decorated with tiny stringer and hanabi cane like those pictured below.

Note: To make tiny stringer, melt a very small amount at the end of a rod, and pull quickly into a long very thin stringer.  It should bend easily. 

Cut with a wire cutter into manageable pieces.


Before beginning the demo, Margo prepares stringer in a variety of sizes and colors.  She keeps the tiny stringer in a small vase where it's easier to see and pick up.  She uses wire cutters to ensure a clean end.


She uses an optic mold to prepare striped cane (technically murini) for the hanabi flowers.


Margo begins by creating a fairly long tube bead.







She then winds on additional glass at the center and top to create her unique shape.


Margo shapes the bead, and heats the top to ensure a well-rounded end.  She wants a cone shape, but with curved sides.  The wider end will be the top.


She begins applying tiny stringer - heating the bead then laying down the stringer, working under and out of the flame.  The stringer is never in the flame - it immediately melts into the hot bead.  Follow the stringer with the flame as it is applied. Break (bend up away from bead or blow to cool) or pull off the stringer to end the line.








Margo removes extra glass from the end of the stringer to ensure crisp lines.


Her flower stems meet nicely at the base.  Branches should begin at or near the main stem.


She adds leaves with larger stringer, pushing or pulling the dot as she lays it down.  A sharp end may be used as a rake to pull the leaf tip.








Lovely leaf!


To create the hanabi flowers, Margo heats a spot on the bead and plunges in the striped cane.   (Alternatively, cut slices could be applied.)


When slightly cooled, Margo then nips off the cane, leaving about 3 mm above the bead.










Margo heats the cane, and when it rounds up, she plunges a pick into the center, which brings the stripes from the sides together in the middle.


She heats and gently presses the hanabi.  It may take several repetitions to ensure it doesn't distort as it melts.


Margo repeats the process with a different striped cane.










Beautiful hanabi!


Next, Margo adds a dot of stringer at the center of the hanabi.


And adjusts the central dot with her tool.


Margo then adds dots of stringer for additional flowers and buds.


Looking beautiful!


She adds a second, smaller dot over some of the larger dot flowers.


Again, she gently presses the dots to ensure they melt without distortion.


Margo heats the bead and allows all raised dots to melt in.  Her finished bead is lovely!






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