2016 -  November 16


Make It / Take It Dragon Tail Bracelet


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 Stephanie White provided instruction and guidance in making simple and beautiful bracelets using cord, a lovely clasp, a focal bead and 10-20 spacer beads (depending on size).  


The instructions, jig, button, beads, and jump rings or large-hole beads.  Begin by cutting a 1 yard piece of cord and tying a button, bead, or clasp in the center using an overhand knot.   Clip this on one end of the jig. Thread one spacer bead through one cord, then thread jump ring or large-hole bead through both cords.  Repeat, threading a spacer bead through the other cord, followed by the jump ring or large-hole bead.   

Thread a focal bead (if desired) through both cords after the jump ring or large-hole bead in the center of the bracelet (test measurement periodically for placement). 

After the focal bead, continue alternating jump rings and spacers until the bracelet is the desired length.  Tie both cords with an overhand knot, ensuring there are no gaps between beads.  Tie another overhand knot at a distance to allow the button to fit through.  Add small finishing beads to each cord, tie off and cut the tails.  Glue knots.

Everyone attending the meeting had a great time making their bracelets!   
And we made beautiful bracelets!! 
Notice how different they can be depending on the materials selected! 

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