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Once a year Southern Flames has a Bead Exchange - a meeting that makes everyone happy because we all go home with a new bead - or sometimes even a new piece of jewelry! 

Before the meeting members were given the following instructions:

"Get to your torch, and create a bead or bead creation everyone will want to steal.  Or perhaps you already have the perfect bead all ready to go..  Wrap it in unidentified packaging for the party, and bring it to the July meeting for the annual Bead Exchange!" 


Below the party photos, you'll see the beads exchanged at our 2019 Bead Exchange.  You'll find listed the person who made the bead, a brief description or comment provided by the artist, and the lucky winner.   This year you'll see a few beadmakers listed twice.  They provided beads for non-bead-making friends and family who wanted wanted to play, too.


The Wrapped Beads!



We're Ready to Play!




Yes, we are!!


And Kate was happy to be invited to the party, too!




Stephanie White's Painted Enamel Dragon Bead. 

Won by Fred Fuerst.





Meagan Sullivan's Yellow Swirl Bead. 

Won by Paige Horton




JoAnn Bogner's CZs on Dark Ruby Bead.

Won by Meagan Sullivan.





Martha Fuerst's Dots of Perfection.

Won by Lynn Short.






Gerry White's Butterfly Pendant.

Won by Peggy Shippee.




Martha Fuerst's Hanabi Flower Garden Pendant.

Won by JoAnn Bogner.




Stephanie White's Flower and Butterfly Murini Necklace.

Won by Greg Short.



Lynn Short's Purple Garden Necklace.

Won by Gerry White.



Lynn Short's White Latachino Necklace.

Won by Aeris ___.



Peggy Shippee's Tear Drop Pear Pendant.

 Won by Martha Fuerst.




Paige Horton's Set of Silver Glass Beads.

Won by Stephanie White.





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