2019 -  October 12



Working With Gold - Stephanie White



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Stephanie gave a fantastic demo with lots of tips and tricks. And thankfully, Martha Fuerst took great notes and photos for us! 

First, Stephanie suggested we might check out gold leaf on Amazon (listed under “cake decorating”). If it’s 23-24k and is *edible* then it’s pure and can be used to make glass beads. The pieces of gold leaf from Amazon are quite small, but less expensive than gold leaf purchased for glass beadmaking.  Or search Amazon for 24 karat gold and compare the options.

Stephanie moves the gold leaf with matchsticks, since getting it on tweezers may cause fuming of glass the next time the tweezers are used.  She folds the gold to double it and increase its density.

Surprisingly, silver has a lower melting point than gold, so silver is more likely to melt away on hot glass. 

For beads with gold on the surface:  marver the gold on the bead to press the gold onto the surface of the glass, then don't get it too hot before putting it in the kiln. 

If encasing a bead with gold:  let the end of the gather cool a bit before applying it to the bead to ensure the gold won't be burned out. Keep the bead moving and not too hot, because even encased gold can get burned out. 

To make gold stringer:  use metal chopsticks or steel punties because they won’t crack like a clear rod of glass can. Make a gather of clear, roll it in gold *twice*, so there is more than one layer, then encase (just like a bead). Use a second chopstick and twist the gather to make the gold even when pulled.  Stephanie made a gold stringer with 3 layers of gold separated by clear layers.


The demo!  The beads! Members enjoying the meeting!!

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