ISGB Gathering Discussion!!

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The Gathering of the International Society of Glass Beadmaking took place virtually again this year from June 9-12,   


Members who participated were invited to share their experiences and photos and encourage more Southern Flames members to attend next year's Gathering and other ISGB events! 


During the meeting, members shared information about what they learned, their experiences, AHA moments, etc. from the recent ISGB Gathering event.


They were invited to tell the group about:

  • The workshops they took and the cool new things they learned.

  • Their favorite speaker and how they inspired them.

  • A new bead or process they're excited to try.

  Presenters Included:

Amy Lemaire Contemporary Trade Routes
Leslie Rowe-Israelson & Melanie Rowe
Kiln Torch Gloryhole and Back Again
Julie Anne Denton
Urban Ancestor
Amy Lemaire ​Contemporary Trade Routes Leslie Rowe-Israelson & Melanie Rowe Julie Anne Denton    
Michael Mangiafico
Making off mandrel Dragonfly Wing style earrings
Milon Townsend
Making the Axlotl
Brad Pearson
Crucible Marble Making
Michael Mangiafico  Milon Townsend  Brad Pearson 
Innovation and Invention in Glass Jewelery
Sylvie Alusitz Halstead Jewelry Instructor
Breakdown of Metals Used in Jewelry
Carol Ann Savage
Blooming Murrini- tips and techniques
DONALD FRIEDLICH:  Sylvie Alusitz Halstead Jewelry Instructor  Carol Ann Savage 
Ikuyo Yamanaka
Wigwag Long Hollow Beads
Janice Peacock
Micromosaic Jewelry: Past, Present, and Beyond
Ikuyo Yamanaka  Janice Peacock   
Workshops Included: 
3-D Flower Murrini
Ikuyo Yamanaka
Surface Ocean beads
Corina Tettinger
  3-D Flower Murrini Surface Ocean beads
Whimsical Bird Clip-On Ornaments
Marcy Lamberson
Coldworking Options for Beadmakers
Don Friedlich
Whimsical Bird Clip-On Ornaments  Coldworking Options for Beadmakers 






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