2022 -  AUGUST 20 - LIVE IN PERSON!!

***   BEAD EXCHANGE!!   ***


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Once a year Southern Flames has a Bead Swap - a meeting that makes everyone happy because we all go home with a new bead - or sometimes even a new piece of jewelry! 


"So get to your torch, and create a bead or bead creation everyone will want to steal.  Or perhaps you already have the perfect bead all ready to go.  Wrap it in unidentified packaging for the party, and bring it to the August meeting for the annual Bead Exchange!" 


Wrapped Beads from a Previous Bead Exchange:



Below you'll see the beads unwrapped at our 2022 Bead Exchange.  You'll find listed the person who made the bead, a brief description and the lucky winner.   




Gaye Armstrong's Beautiful Abstract Floral

Won by Meagan Sullivan





JoAnn Bogner's Perfectly Spaced Complex Dots

Won by Martha Fuerst



Judy Hannan's Lovely Flowers, Buds and Branch

Won by Margo Knight




Margo Knight's Fabulous Vortex Marble

Won by Susan Oltman



Martha Fuerst's Perfectly Capped Spiraled Stripes and Dots
Won by Judy Hannan

 Meagan Sullivan's Wonderful Orange Focal with Raised Dots and Accompanying Spacer Beads
Won by Gaye Armstrong


Susan Oltman's Adorable Bird on a Wire
Won by JoAnn Bogner













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