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Web Mama attended the Mon/Tues Michael Barley class and it seems pretty unanimous that the instructor was amazing, the beads fabulous, and class information full and so much fun!  I think the Sat/Sun people felt similarly.  We hope to have some photos of the class posted in the next week or so - Marjorie Gore has already given us a CD with Sat/Sun photos and we hope to get some more from the other class also.  


Both classes in January are now filled although Kristy is still accepting alternates for the Mon/Tues (1/26, 1/27) class.  For more information, see below.


See photos of our new ventilation system built by Don Meadows.  It is WONDERFUL!!!


A lottery was held at the December Meeting to fill the two classes that Larry Scott will teach in January. The Sat/Sun class (1/24, 1/25) is filled and has a waiting list. The Monday/Tuesday Class (1/26, 1/27) still have one open spot  and room for people on the waiting list (as of 12/4) .

 Some of the alternates for Sat/Sun have already moved up! If the class is full you can possibly be an alternate and still be in the class.   If you are interested in being on the waiting list and/or in Mon/Tues class spot, contact Kristy Nijenkamp. 

More information about the Larry Scott class is available if you scroll down this page. Don't forget also that if you are in the class...the fee is non-refundable if you drop out and  the spot cannot be refilled.  (from Lillie B)


RECAP!!!! It was a great meeting!!! Michael Barley gave a wonderful demo...answered questions...and is donating the bead from the demo to our silent auction!!! Those attending were able to see lots of his beads and were able to purchase them for their own private collections. 

The pot luck was fun....had lots of food....Walter Green and Marjorie Gore took pictures...check out the Flames Scrapbook for photos.   We also had a lottery to fill the open slots in the classes that Larry Scott will teach in January.  (See above)

Don't forget that Larry Scott will be doing a demo at our January Meeting on Friday, January 23 at 7:00 PM! We missed lots of you at the December meeting and hope you can make it in January. You will have a reminder email coming out in January before the meeting. 

Keep this  WebSite in mind, if you can't find my old emails  and/or want to look up what and when things are going on! Most of my emails are republished on here.

The board wishes all of you a safe and wonderful holiday season!!!!!! Lillie B.


ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) membership renewals will be due by January 1st... Your membership must be renewed if you would like to be on the first round mailing list for the 2004 Gathering.  Also note - to be eligible for the Southern Flames board, ISGB Membership is required. 

LARRY SCOTT CLASS & LOTTERY from Lillie Bavendam

For all of you wanting to know about the LARRY SCOTT workshop!!! READ THIS!!! PLEASE! 

Larry Scott will be coming to Georgia in January. We are booking him for two workshops, JANUARY 24,25 (Sat/Sun) and JANUARY 26,27 (Mon/Tues). We will have a lottery drawing for the workshop spaces available on FRIDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 5TH, after the demo by Michael Barley! If you ARE coming to the meeting, and want to enter, please be prepared to write a check that evening. IF you are NOT coming to the December meeting, but are a Southern Flames member,  please send a check for $275.00 before Dec 5  to Southern Flames at 5050 Rosedown Place, Roswell, Ga, 30076 and state which is your first preference for date, second preference or if you can attend either) If you cannot attend, you may also send your check along with a person who will be attending the December meeting. If your name is drawn, you must have your NON-REFUNDABLE check there at the time or the spot will go to the next name drawn.  If by chance we do not fill the spaces available at the meeting, the spaces will be available to members at a first come first serve basis and we have already had inquiries from those outside our group. 

This  is a VERY special workshop and will be offered at the INCREDIBLE price. Each person attending will be responsible their own supplies with a list available as soon as we get it from will not be extensive. Some of the subjects that will be tentatively covered are: selective heating for manipulation, lattachino, linear thin casing, silver stringer, and precise dot placement...this workshop is for "intermediate bead makers or gutsy beginners". This is an outstanding chance to work with a gifted bead maker...look in the newest Bead and Button for a sample of his work. 

So, COME to the meeting on December 5th (Friday), or send your check with a friend or get it in the mail FAST, FAST. Don't forget if you personally not at the meeting to indicate preference for class dates!!!!   


Don Meadows has constructed a great exhaust system for our group. Southern Flames has only paid for the construction materials while Don has given his time and expertise in the construction. We will be using the exhaust system for  all our meeting demos as well as for our workshops.  We want to thank him for all his work and Lillie Bavendam has sent out an email regarding this.  Please don't forget her suggestion as you prepare to come to December's meeting.


Those who came to the meeting had a fantastic time!  Sara Hoyt did a demo of her great bicone bead and  showed us how to decorate it with silver and striking orange. Some of you may like to purchase. beads from her as she did not have any for sale at the meeting. Her phone number is in the Membership directory and she uses the ID sarakay99 when selling on ebay.

Walter Green showed us how to make a set up for photographing our beads...what a great setup....and can fold up small and travel with us. An easy and great set up for those wanting to photograph our beads. Click here for a photo and more information.

Linda Edmunds passed around a step by step set of beads that showed how to make her mermaid bead and then made one. Linda sells under the Lily Steele Beads and you can see her work on her Web site.  

Kristy Nijenkamp did her hollow bead for us to see and answered all our questions about hollow beads.  You can see the elegant hollow she made for the Christmas tree among the Christmas Tree bead photos in the scrapbook section.

The great new hood by Don Meadows was there for all to admire, and Walter Green took photos so that those who missed the program could see a little of what they missed. Look in the scrapbook under November Meeting.

THE HOLIDAY TREE....THE HOLIDAY TREE.....OUR first holiday tree raffle....and I hope we will be able to continue this as a tradition! The raffle was won by Linda Edmunds...and lots of extra tickets were purchased by those at the meeting as well as those who sent in checks...what a fantastic tree and beautiful ornaments. Linda was kind enough to photograph these and you can see the approximately 115 beads  if you click on HOLIDAY TREE.



Kristy Nijenkamp announced that as of November 17, Southern Flames has 69 members!! 


See the Next Meeting section for more information about the November Meeting which is just packed.  There will be a raffle for a member decorated Christmas tree (Please bring beads to hang on it)  and demos/presentations by Sara Hoyt, Walter Green, Kristy Nijenkamp, and Linda Edmunds.  And thanks, to Don Meadows you will be able to see our newly installed ventilation/exhaust system. 

 OCT MEETING UPDATE from Lillie Bravendam 

Rodney Andrew Demo: What an outstanding Program!!!  Rodney Andrew brought his Carlysle CC major/minor torch...and lots of other things...he demo'd a pendant and a beautiful bracelet...all on boro...and answered lots of

Sylvie Lansdowne Workshop: That same weekend, 11/22-23, Sylvie will be giving a two day workshop on Sat/ Beads by Design. You can call the shop (770-425-3909) for more information.

Christmas Tree Bead Raffle: Don't forget to think about making the beads for the Christmas tree!!!...Remember, one raffle ticket for each bead ready to hang on the tree, additional ticket will be $1.00 each...Should be lots of fun...not to mention that the winner will have a bundle of beads!!!!

December Meeting -  Michael Barley:  PLEASE also note! The December meeting will be FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5th! Michael Barley is excited about coming...and wants a POT LUCK supper! So, Pot Luck it will be! He will also be doing some type of demo and will also have work for sale...So, the first chance to see what he has and to make a purchase will be at the Friday night POT LUCK! SAVE that night!!! We are really, really lucky to be able to have him come here as he seldom travels. So, be thinking about what you want to bring for supper/dessert/appetizer that night! Will be an awesome evening!!

Photos by Walter: A special thanks again to Walter Green for taking photos...they have been forwarded to our Webmaster Linda Edmunds and she will get them up as soon as possible...

Nov 19 Meeting November meeting will be Wednesday, November 19th! Save that night!!

Lillie B.

LURE of BEAD SHOW  from  Becky Sizemore 

Becky Sizemore, owner of the Creative Spirit Gallery announces a bead show on Sat Nov 15th at 4-8 PM.  More information and directions to the gallery can be found at the Creative Spirit's Website.  

(10/04/03)  CHRISTMAS TREE RAFFLE from Lillie Bravendam 

For those working ahead: November meeting will be Wednesday Nov. 19th. Your mission if you choose to take part....make a glass ornament ready to hang on a Christmas tree!....that means bring a ribbon or what ever to hang it up with. Each bead that is DONATED to be put on the tree will give its maker one raffle ticket. Additional raffle ticket may be purchased for $1.00 each. The tree and all its ornaments will then be raffled off and the winner of the drawing will take home that wonderful tree with all its ornaments!!!!! NOVEMBER....Let's make that a great tree!!!


Keep your eyes on your email.  Dates and times for the Michael Barley class in DEC are expected to go out shortly.  And looking ahead, Southern Flames is negotiating to have Larry Scott here at the beginning of next year.  Information will be posted here after the  email is sent to Southern Flames members.



(9/30/03)  SEPT MEETING UPDATE ... from Lillie Bravendam 

I'm LATE, I'm late with your update from the September meeting.....

GUESTS: We had one guest...Tara.  Welcome!

BEAD CHALLENGE: The bead challenge was great! Christie Prince was the winner of the drawing from those who entered.  

PRESENTATION:  Sylvie gave a fantastic program showing us how to use different things for inspiration for our beads and how the refine that inspiration! The bead challenge for October is to use those things which Sylvie taught us to make a bead. For those not take three things: 1-a picture of a work, 2-a picture of a texture, and 3-a picture of a picture. Using these three things, make a bead. You need to bring all three pictures along  with the bead to the meeting for the challenge to enter! We have a great prize for the winner of the drawing for this challenge! Don't forget!!!!

NEXT MEETING:  The next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 15th, 7pm, at Beads by Design. Rodney Andrews doing a demo and talking about Boro! We should also be able to announce shortly those teachers who we have gotten for you and the dates of the upcoming workshops!! Keep your eyes out for the emails to follow to see who and when!!! We have a great lineup for you!!



For those interested in purchasing rebuilt concentrators contact Dan Reinagel: home: 770.443.8842 and cell 678.409.4112. 



Carl Andrews has been gracious enough to share his winning Tower of Chocolate Cake Recipe from the Dessert Challenge at the August Meeting.  YUM!  Carl writes:



"The cake mix that I used was Dunkin Hines. I used three boxes of chocolate (with the pudding in the mix) and four cans of dark chocolate frosting. Cook the cake according to the box directions, but be sure to trim off the top of each cake to make it roughly level. Then start icing and stacking as you would with any other cake.
For the chocolate curls, I bought 6 king-size Special Dark Hershey bars and melted them into one giant block using a buttered non-stick baking pan. You can use any pan you like, just make sure it's well-buttered and when you pour the chocolate in that it's about 1" deep. Leave the chocolate in the pan on the counter overnight to cool because you need it to be room temperature when you use it. Remove the chocolate from the pan (if it still sticks, put it in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes) and use a vegetable peeler to shave strips of chocolate from the side of the chocolate bar. If you're only getting small chips then the bar is too cool. Put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and try again. Be prepared to get chocolate everywhere! Hands, clothes, towels, cabinets, floor, etc...!
For best results, put the chocolate curls on a frozen plate and put them in the freezer for a few minutes. This way you can handle them without them melting in your hands."




(9/14/03)  Creative Spirit ... New Show 

Creative Spirit...a teaching gallery presents, 
"Celebrating the Female Form" a photography exhibition by B.Evan Davis.
SHOW DATES: September 20 - October 31.
OPENING PARTY: Saturday September 20 from 4PM - 8PM.
B. Evan Davis is a fine art photographer who draws on her background as a dancer in photographing the female form. Images range from beautiful Caribbean inspired scenes to abstract nudes to strong archetypal representations. Photographs chosen for this show include black and white, oil painted and sepia toned prints.
The show runs through October in conjunction with "Atlanta Celebrates Photography."
Creative Spirit is located 650-A East Lake Drive in the historic Oakhurst business district of Decatur. Please visit for a map or for directions. Phone 404-377-0022.
Gallery hours:  Tues - Fri 2 PM to 9 PM; Sat 11 AM to 9 PM; Sun and Mon Closed


(9/14/03)  More Gathering Beads 

Lisa Saul has identified some more of the beads brought back from the Gathering.  Click here to see them.


(9/04/03)  Guest Teacher Classes 

The Southern Flames Board is getting very close to engaging an exciting group of guest instructors for 2003 and 2004.  Teachers being sought to give classes in Atlanta include Michael Barley, Larry Scott, Deanna Griffin-Dove, Stevi Bell and Dustin Tabor.   Come to the meeting to hear the latest news and/or keep watch on this Website for definite announcements about classes. Southern Flames members will be given advance notice so they can register before classes are open to the public.


(8/27/03)  Gathering Bead Photos 

Check out the Southern Flames Scrapbook to see photos of beads our members brought back from the gathering.  And please next time you see Walter Green, thank him for taking all the pictures for us and thank Margo Knight for identifying all the beadmakers.


(8/27/03)  60 Members !  

Kristy Nijenkamp reports that Southern Flames now has 60 members!  Welcome to June and Marci.


Sara Hoyt just sent us a clearer and more colorful version of the SF logo which you can see above.  Than you, Sara for taking the time to do this.

(7/21/03)  SILENT BEAD AUCTION RAISES $1232.00 !!!   

The Silent Bead Auction held on July 19 was a great success and lots of fun.  It was held at Beads by Design and Southern Flames is grateful to Gerry White, owner, for making her  store / gallery available.


Fifty-six beads were contributed by members and included loose single beads, sets, blown pieces and finished jewelry.   The sale raised $1232.00 and this will be used to buy ventilation equipment and tools for use at Southern Flames meetings and events.  In addition money was raised from the sale of  Southern Flames totes donated by Rick Hidding.


Two copies of the new Cindy Jenkins' book were awarded to the winners of the drink/dessert competition.  Carl Andrews  won for best dessert with a "Tower of Chocolate" cake and  the Hiddings (Rick and Mitzy) won best drink with a non-alcoholic spicy lemonade.  


Pictures of the event were taken by Marcy Lambertson and you can see them in the Flames Scrapbook. 


7/21/03)  Southern Flames Has 57 Members  from Kristy Nijenkamp

Southern Flames welcomes new members Diane, Pam, Valerie & Jim, and Walter & Mary Elizabeth.  We now have 57 members in our group.



When: SATURDAY, JULY 19, 7:00...come EARLY if you can.  Auctions will end at 8:30.

Where: Beads by Design

Needed:  More beads to auction off. Auctions will be ending at several different times.

Needed:  Bring a beverage or a dessert or both!!!               

Prizes: Yup! Two fantastic prizes! Your choice this time; a $25 gift

certificate for BBD or the new Cindy Jenkins book! How can you win??? The most popular beverage and the most popular dessert makers will each win a prize...each member can vote for one of each category...and only members can win!!!


It's going to be a fun nite!!!!  YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!!!!!! 

And there's MORE! .......


(7/10/03) TOTE BAGS, TOTE BAGS, TOTE BAGS   (Click for Photo)

Rick Hidding, our recording secretary...who in his day job owns a company (The Cloth Bag) that makes cloth bags ....has donated 50 cloth bags to be sold to benefit the Southern Flames...with the postcard picture that Rob Lansdowne designed imprinted on the side!!!! They are AWESOME!!!! He is going to have them at the July meeting....They are priced at $10 each...large and beautiful they are!!! You will be proud to carry yours around!  


So, don't forget, bags and beads!!!! bring that money you have stashed for something special, bring those beads, your beverage and/or dessert to share, and have a great time!!!



For those not able to come to come to a meeting to see the tote bag, a photo is available here.  You can purchase one by mail by sending a check made out to Southern Flames for $13.85 ($10.00 Bag + $3.85 Postage) to our treasurer at:

Southern Flames
5050 Rosedown Place 
Roswell GA 30076


7/10/03  INSPIRATION WORKSHOP ... Speakers Needed for Sept Meeting

Sylvie had a great turnout for her inspiration workshop! 26 people turned out for the workshop! We are looking for four (4) of the people who took the workshop to volunteer to show others how this worked. Sylvie will guide you through this at the September, let's have 4 participants step up and demonstrate how Sylvie stimulated our minds this past weekend!!!

6/26/03  Member Handbook .. From Kristy Nijenkamp

Kristy Nijenkamp is putting together a Southern Flames Member Handbook.  If you are a Southern Flames member and would like to appear in the handbook,  send any or all of the following information to Kristy at





Home tel

Work tel

Cell tel



Do you teach? What?

What type of work do you do?

Do you sell your work?

Anything other information you would like to share with others. 


Please send as soon as possible to Kristy.

6/17/03  June Meeting Update .. From Kristy Nijenkamp

Twenty eight people attended our June meeting and many brought beads for the June Bug bead challenge ... see the bead photos.  This month, Ed Mangiafico won the drawing for the Beads by Design certificate.  Sylvie Lansdowne demonstrated how to make a dragon fly bead and Margo Knight explained and illustrated the creation of a lady bug murrini.   Photos of Margo and Sylvie are also in the Southern Flames scrapbook!

 5/27/03  May Meeting Update .. From Lillie Bavendam

What a fantastic meeting!!!  - the first one under your new board. Marjorie Girod, a new member, was introduced, and we were really glad that she could come. 

A note of thanks to Mike Franz who gave a great price for our new torches for our group...when you order from him - remember, tell him thanks again.  ( or 800-839-6712)

We had a great speaker! Bob Slagle from Holox came and gave us a great safety lesson and answered questions that we had...along with a great handout. Thanks to Christie Prince for arranging this great speaker.

Beads, Beads, Beads, Our Bead Challenge for the month was April Showers Bring May Flowers...this is a members only challenge...we had 11 participants...the winner drawing was Margo Knight who won the $25 gift certificate to Beads by Design!   Click here for pictures of these beautiful beads.

News of our members: Susan Barnes will be teaching...check it out

Your board will be trying to work out a workshop and possibly a conference this fall...let Marie Shackelford know if you have any teachers that you would like to have us investigate for workshops. She is at

A reminder will go out later but keep in mind!  We need beads donated to our Silent Bead Auction which is our fund raiser...The auction will take place on Saturday, July 18.

The June meeting will be on: Wednesday June 18th. The bead challenge will be "JUNE BUG"...and we will have a couple of great demos lined up for you...more details later.

Make those beads for the June meeting and for the silent auction! And save that date: June 18th.   See you then!   Lillie B.

5/27/03  Member Update .. From Kristy Nijenkamp

  • Welcome to three new members: Alayne Perry from Athens, Marjorie Gore from Hiram, and Kay Berding also from Athens

  • Southern Flames now has 50 members!

  • 28 members attended the May Meeting

5/21/03  Creative Spirit...A Teaching Gallery

The Creative Spirit Gallery opened on April 29th.  If you need directions call Becky Sizemore at 404-377-0222 or send an email to her new address   Website address is

5/01/03  Membership Renewals Due

If you have not paid your membership dues for 2003-4, please send  $25 to Southern Flames, 5050 Rosedown Place, Roswell GA 30076.  If you are not certain whether you have paid our not, please send an email to the Southern Flames Treasurer.


BECKY SIZEMORE OPENS NEW GALLERY  From Lillie Bavendam (4/18/03)

NEWS!!!!!   Southern Flames' member, Becky Sizemore is opening The Creative Spirit, A Teaching Gallery on Tuesday, April 29th.   The Gallery is located in Historic Oakhurst at 650-A East Lake Drive (off of Ponce de Leon) and will be open 11AM - 7PM, Tuesday - Saturday.

The Gallery offers arts and crafts in a wide range of mediums (including glass beads!) and classes from basic jewelry making to beginning meditation and a whole lot in between.  

Becky is still looking for artists, craftspeople and teachers as well as customers!    Please visit the gallery and/or the Website (


Don't Forget! Gerry White will be hosting a bead show and sale at Beads by Design.   You can also show your own beads or just attend.  

Friday, May 2nd, 5-9.

Sautrday, May 3, 11-5.


APRIL MEETING RECAP  From Lillie Bavendam (4/18/03)

Saturday's meeting was a great success.  Board members were voted on and the new board will be in place starting next month.  The Swap and Sale was great fun with lots of time for us to ask others questions about their work and what they were selling and why.  (See Photos)

Rob also took digital pictures of the member's beads for the 2003 postcard.  (See Photo)

DEANNA GRIFFIN DOVE DEMO  From Lillie Bavendam (4/18/03)

 Deanna Griffin Dove was at Beads by Design last Friday night (4/11) to do a free demo! She demo-ed her harlequin rose bead, a hollow bead, and her dichroic watercolor bead as well as some requested flowers.  She graciously auctioned off her demo beads to benefit the Southern Flames.  For those who would like to work with Deanna more she will be teaching at A Touch of Glass(828-258-2749) in Ashville on April 26,27th and still has a couple of spaces in her class...for those with a little torch experience...We really appreciate her taking the time as well as her donation to the Southern Flames. 

4/2/03  2003 Postcard .. From Rob Lansdowne

You must be a current 2003-2004 Southern Flames member to be on the postcard, since the it will not be published until June, when 2002-2003 memberships have expired. Or you need to join by the April 16th meeting, since thatís the bead turn-in deadline.

With as many as 40 people participating, the pictures will be on the smaller side, and rectangular. What this means for you is that if you turn in a bead that is taller than wide, like a bi-cone for example, your picture will have lots of white space on either side of the bead unless you donít mind it being photographed ďlaying downĒ or sideways. 

If itís easier for you to email a picture of your bead, Iíll take that too, but email me first so I can explain what specs Iíll need as in using a white background, etc.

So if you are already a 2003-2004 member or will be joining this month, bring a bead to our April meeting, for me to take and photograph. Youíve got 2 weeks to make and/or pick your bead. Beads will hopefully be returned at the May meeting. Last year we had 21 people participate, and this year if everyone participates, we could have over 40! You donít need to have an absolutely stunning bead to submit for the postcard, either. In one way, itís a bit like taking an annual snapshot of your beadwork, so it should be representative of what youíre doing right now. Please donít miss out on this terrific (and free) opportunity for members.

If you have questions or please email Rob at, or call him at 404-925-0130) 

3/20/03  March Meeting .. From Lillie Bavendam

This is just a quick note to let everyone know what a fantastic meeting we had...with about 50 people there!!!  We had a great demo by Pati Walton..she was here giving our class...which was awesome...and Johnny Olson, her husband, also did a demo (in boro) for all of us.  We had some great snacks, so thanks to those who brought snacks and challenge beads!

Congratulations!!!! Kim Colfer won the ISGB membership drawn from those who brought challenge beads!  Cecilia Walters and Lewanda Hardy won the Ĺ ISGB Gathering scholarships that will cover Ĺ of their early registration!

Just wanted to thank everyone who showed up for a great time!  Next month will be Wednesday night, April 16.  The email about the meeting agenda will go out close to the time of the meeting to remind everyone.

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