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12/19 DECEMBER MEETING PHOTOS Photos from our December Meeting which included the Holiday Tree Raffle, a demon by Sylvie Lansdowne, the Brent Graber lottery and a appetizer challenge are not up for viewing.  Click here to see them.
12/15 BRENT GRABER CLASSES  Only one opening left in the Sat Sun (Feb 23-24) Brent Graber class.  There are several openings in the Thurs/Fri class (Feb 21-22).  If you want to learn about working with Boro glass this is the class to take.  Let friends know about these class openings and let your family know what a great Christmas present this class with make!  Click here for more details.
12/15 DREW FRITT'S BOOK  We are putting together a group buy for Drew Fritts book "Making Marbles".  It has been recommended by many of our members even for lampworkers who never make marbles because so much of the information about color mixing and other subjects is transferable to beads.  If you would like to be included in this group order, send a check made out to Southern Flames for $22.75 to Kim Runge by January 15 or bring the check to the next meeting.  If you are mailing the check, send it to Southern Flames, c/o Kim Runge, 311 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Box 11A, Atlanta, GA  30305.
12/15 CREATIVITY WORKSHOP   Sylvie Lansdowne will be offering a monthly Creativity Workshop using paper and words at her home.  For more details email Sylvie at
12/15 TOOLBOX BEAD KILN  Don McKinney, manufacturer of the very popular Toolbox Kiln is retiring.  He has taken the time however to post tips for programming, replacing parts or trouble-shooting problems that may occur in the future if you own this kiln.    You can see these tips by clicking here.  We will also post the link in our Tips and Techniques section.
12/15 2008 GUEST INSTRUCTORS  In addition to the Brent Graber classes in February 2008, we are pleased to announce that Lisa St Martin will be teaching here in April (24-27) and Jeff Barber will come to Atlanta in in October (23-26).  Jeff will show us how to work with Satake Glass.  Look for more information here about these classes.
12/15 DAVEN'S POTTERY AND GLASS  The Web Mama discovered a fascinating store on Peachtree Road - 30341 Zip code.  Primarily a pottery store with large kilns, hundreds of glazes, they also sell stained glass and glass for fusing.  Best of all, they have a small supply of glass rods and beadmaking tools so if you live close by, you might want to check it out.  It is a fun place to visit.  Click here for address and phone number.
12/12 SYLVIE LANSDOWNE at DEC MEETING  In addition to our Tree Raffle, our Appetizer and Dessert challenge, the Brent Graber Lottery, we are also happy to be having Sylvie Lansdowne demo and help us make some special paper beads.  See the Meeting Announcement for more info.
12/7 NEW WEBSITE LINKS  Three SF members asked us to post links to the websites and we have on the Links page and in the Member gallery.  But if you want to take a quick look - check them out from here:

  Carl Andrews ....  Flamekist

Michael Dean ...   Protégé

MarcyLamberson ... Studio Marcy


12/7 BOC COMING TO TOWN  Robert Simmons let the Board know that Beads of Courage will be coming to Atlanta in March. He writes that he has heard that the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta  Beads of Courage program has secured funding for 2008. and that they are expecting to begin training around March 1.  It's taken a bit longer to get off the ground than originally expected, but it looks like they areon the way now.  There's a big Thank You to Southern Flames from CHOA for supporting their start-up efforts
12/5 BRENT GRABER LOTTERY  Brent Graber, who many of us know as Mr Smiley on the Internet will be teaching BORO classes in February.  We will hold the lottery at the Dec 12 meeting.  Click here for information and forms.
12/5 DESSERT AND APPETIZER CHALLENGE At the December meeting, instead of a Bead challenge we will have a food challenge.  Make your best dessert and/or appetizer and eat and compete for votes at the meeting. There will be prizes for the best in each category.


11/14 DEMO DAY PHOTOS Photos from SF Demo Day are now available in the Scrapbook.  Click here to see them.
11/7 BEADS BY DESIGN CLASSES Information about Classes for November at Beads by Design are now available on their website.  Click here to view them. 

BEADS BY DESIGN OPEN HOUSE    From Gerry White of BBD: Come and join us November 16-18 for our annual Open House.  We have lampworked glass demonstrations, food, and holiday gift ideas.  Also, several of the other studios in our building, that are not usually open to the public, will have their doors open.
November 16, Friday 5-9p.m.
November 17, Saturday 11-5p.m.
November 18, Sunday 1-4p.m.

11/7 THANK YOU, THANK YOU The Southern Flames Board wants to extend a huge thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our Demo Day presenters:  Nita Van Til, Karen Barefield, Brian Renoud, Marcy Lamberson, Diane Kovach, and Lance McRorie.  All the presentations were wonderful, and our small, but attentive group really enjoyed them.  We know how valuable your free time is, and want you to know how much we appreciate you.  We also want to extend a special thank you to Gerry and Stephanie White for being able to hold Demo Day at Beads By Design, and for the extremely yummy lunch that they provided.  (Photos of the demonstrations and beads will be available in the next few days.)
11/7 ADD BLING TO YOU BEADS Among the wonderful presentation's at Demo Day was Karen Barefield's demonstration of Setting Cubic Zirconiums (CZ's) in glass beads.  She supplemented her demo with a written tutorial on the subject complete with additional resources.  We have posted this tutorial under Tips and Techniques.  Check it out by clicking here- It is blingful!
11/7 VESPERMANN  GOBLET SHOW Vespermann Glass Gallery's current show features "more than 100 goblets from artists across America…some beautiful, some elegant and others a pure delight in whimsy.  Also – mouth blown glass ornaments, perfume bottles, paperweights, jewelry." The show will run through Dec 29th.  Vesperman Gallery is located in Buckhead at 309 East Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta 30305.  Gallery Hours are Tues – Sat 11:00 – 5:00.  For more information you can call them at 404 266 0102 or visit their website.
11/7 NEW LOCATION On the Rocks Bead Store has moved to a new location just off of I-85, 3 miles from the Mall of Georgia in Dacula.  Click here for the address, phone number and Website.
11/1 PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS Check out all the new photos in the Flames Scrapbook from Beads of Courage Day, from our October Meeting and from Heather Trimlett's classes.
11/1 LOST AND FOUND Added to the scrapbook is a new feature - Lost and Found where we will list and/or photograph beads and other items whose owners we cannot identify.  Right now there are some ophan  beads and a vessel.
11/1 BEAD SWAP Our Bead Swap will take place at our next meeting.  These swaps are always lots of fun.  If you've never been to a Swap, click here for more information on how it works.
11/1 DEMO DAY Don't forget Demo Day- it is this coming Sunday: November 4 at Beads by Design. Click here for details.


10/24 DEMO DAY 6 presentations of 6 different techniques by 6 SF members on SUNDAY Nov 4.  All for $10 at the door which includes lunch and the chance to win a door prize.  Click here for details.
10/24 MARCY AT THE GATHERING  Our own Marcy Lamberson has been asked to demo one of her winsome bobble head beads at the 2008 Gathering in Oakland.  Congratulations Marcy!!!
10/24 EYE CANDY  In the newest issue of ISGB's magazine The Glass Bead check out the Eye Candy section.  Featured is a beautiful bicone bead made by Diane Kovach.
10/24 ARTIST SPOTLIGHT  Also in the new issue of The Glass Bead is an article about Maureen Buckley McRorie who with her husband Lance owns FlameTree Glass in Roswell.  Maureen is this quarter's ISGB Artist in the Spotlight - a series of articles written by Marcy Lamberson.  The article includes some wonderful photographs of Maureen's detailed sculptural tableau beads which are complex, beautiful and fun.  Check them out - in the magazine or in the Flametree shop.
10/24 MERCER UNIVERSITY DISPLAY  Mercer University has offered SF a large display case to showcase our beads.  If you are interested in volunteering to help put the display together, please get in touch with Diane Kovach.
10/24 SAGE & BEAU CLASS  Some of us were fortunate a few months ago to take a class with Sage and her husband Tom Holland.  If you didn't get to take this class you may want to check into a 3-day or 5-day class that Sage is offering with her son Beau at the River View Hotel in Calico Rock Arkansas during the week of November 10th-16th.  The price $600 (3days) or $1000 (5days) includes all supplies, tools and a private room and bath at the hotel.  For more information or to register, call 1-870-363-4890 or email
10/24 RESOURCE CABINET Now available in the Resource Cabinet is a DVD on Silver Glass donated by Roccio Studios and a set of Postcards from the 2007 Gathering. You can borrow these and other items for four weeks during our SF meetings.
10/14 PURPLE HEARTS AND BUTTERFLIES  Come make beads at Beads by Design for Beads of Courage children on  Friday and Saturday Oct 19, 20.  Click here for more details.
10/14 MEMBER GALLERYADDITION We've just added 2 amazing beads by Lance and Maureen McRorie (FLAMETREE GLASS) to the Member Gallery.  Lance's is a Warrior with Sword and Maureen's is called "Psycho Nemo". Take a look and if you are a SF member and want to add or update a member gallery photo or info, send the Web Mama a note.
10/14 YELLOW-VIOLET CHALLENGE Marcy Lamberson is 2nd runner up in Margie Deeb's Yellow Violet challenge.  Congratulations, Marcy!.  Click here to see Marcy's bead.  And while you are there scroll down the page to see Andrea Winkler's beautiful focal bead.
10/14 2007 POSTCARD If you didn't notice, the 2007 SF Postcard is now on our Home Page and there is a place to click to see the names of the bead artists.  Also, if you look at Postcards from Past Years you can see all our past postcards 2002 - 2006. Thanks to Renee Taylor and Bonnie Anderson for photographing and making this year's postcard.
10/8 NEW BEAD FORUM! Southern Flames members Andrea Winkler and Julia Benson-Slaughter announced they have created a new glass forum called The Glass Haven.  The Web Mama signed up,  checked it out, and really liked the section for Vendor evaluation.  Thank  you Andrea and Julia.
10/8 VIKING KNIT TUTORIAL  Alice St Germain sent us a link to a tutorial for making wire knit chain - no knitting needles involved for those of you who never conquered regular knitting.  Click here to see the tutorial and we will also list it under Tips and Techniques.  The tutorial is written by Rocio of Fine Art by Rocio who donated a CD in our resource library which has a series of demos using some of the newer silver glasses. 
10/8 BEAD STORES Andrea Winkler asked us to add two new stores to our Atlanta Area Bead Store page so go there to check them out.   The stores are Bazillions of Beads in Decatur and Davens Ceramic Center in Atlanta which is beginning to sell some Bullseye glass for fusing and slumping.  Andrea says that Bazillions of Beads takes lampwork beads on consignment - check with the owner.
10/8 MORE PHOTOS  Alice St Germain sent us some photos from the September Meeting which we just posted in the Scrapbook.  Click here to see them and Thank you Alice. 


9/26 DUSTIN TABOR PHOTOS We've just posted a few photos from Dustin Tabors classes in the Flames Scrapbook.  Included among his beads,  is the Warring State Bead Dustin made at the Saturday meeting.  If anyone has any other photos from this meeting, please send them to the Web Mama and we will add them.
9/23 STORIES OF COURAGE  Robert Simmons received a copy this wonderful email from Kelly Lind who sent  it to Jean Baruch of the Beads of Courage Program.  It will give you an idea of how much these beads mean to the children and their families and why it is so important that we contribute by making beads at home or participating in the Beads of Courage Weekend   (See Announcement Below).

Amy and I both recently experienced just how much the Beads of Courage program means to our kids and we thought we would share it with you!  We recently had a patient pass away after a long fight with her illness.  While she was with us she was always very excited about her beads and made sure to get them every chance she could get.  Amy and I recently attended her funeral service.  The patient had been cremated and her grandmother had her ashes put into one of her teddy bears.  The teddy bear was sitting in the front of the church wearing on of the patients nightgowns.  When Amy and I went to the front to talk to the family following the service we noticed that the teddy bear was wearing the little girls Beads of Courage necklace.  We mentioned it to the little girl’s grandmother who ho told us that she had wanted the little girl to have everything she loved with her.  Needless to say Amy and I both started crying!  It is so nice to know that the Beads of Courage program means so much to the children and families we all serve!  So Amy and I both wanted to send you a BIG thank you for coming up with such a wonderful and meaningful program that you have allowed us to share with our families.  They really do appreciate it and the program really does mean the world to these kids!  Keep up the great work! 

If you would like to read more Stories of Courage click here

9/21 BEADS OF COURAGE WEEKEND Come down to Beads by Design on October 19 and/or October 20 and make beads for the children in the Beads of Courage program.  They are in need of purple hearts, butterflies and other beads.  Glass and presses will be available. More information will be available as we get closer to the dates but please put it on your calendar now and reserve a few hours for the children.  (More information about the program is available if you click here.
9/21 LIBRARIAN!!!!!  Many thanks to Martha Fuerst who has agreed to be the Southern Flames Librarian.  She will be in charge of our growing Resource Cabinet from which members can borrow bead presses, books, tools, videos and many other items.  If you would like to borrow an item, see Martha at our next meeting.
9/21 FLAMETREE GLASS HALLOWEEN CONTEST FlameTree Glass is sponsoring another Halloween Bead Contest.  Entries will be based on size, creativity, detail and use of imagination and are due by October 27the.  First prize is a LYNX TORCH!!!!   For details click here.
9/21 JUST BEAD IT A new bead store has opened in Grayson, GA.  Click here to view their website.  Their address and phone number has also been added to our Atlanta Area Bead Store page.
9/21 BEAD REVIEW 3 Brad Pearson announces that the the 2008 Bead Review invites submissions from beadmakers at all levels.  The deadline is December 3rd and submissions can now be made online. For detailed information go to The Art of Beadmaking website.
9/12 DEMO DAY  On Demo Day, SF members volunteer to demo a bead or share a beadmaking technique with other members.  If you would like to give a demo, contact Alice St Germain or Diane Kovach.
9/12 BEAD BUG STORE DISCOUNT  Mary Menendez from the Bead Bug let us know that the store has moved to a larger location.  They are now at 780 Mayfield Road in Alpharetta.  Southern Flames Members will get a 20% discount so identify yourself when you visit the store.
9/12 SIDE STREET BEADS Susan Cooper let us know that she has recently (6 months ago) opened a small bead shop in Watkinsville, GA, just outside of Athens and the University of Georgia called Side Street Beads and would appreciate being listed on your site. We are a full-service bead shop and offer classes in stringing, seed beads, wire and metalwork.  We also have a bead bar for kids called “Between a Bead and a Fun Place’ and offer after-school classes for kids. We are located at 11 School Street in historic downtown Watkinsville just off Main St. Our number is 706-769-9901. The website is
9/12 KIM FIELDS AT FLAMETREE GLASS Kim Fields will be teaching a workshop at FlameTree Glass on Nov 10-11 2007 Sat/ Sun 10-5pm Fee: $400.00 Techniques will include encasing, assembling canes, color mixing and overlays, surface decorations, and creating complex components. Focus will be on textures, shapes and colors found in nature as a primary source of inspiration.
9/12 BEADS BY DESIGN CLASSES The schedule for September and October classes at Beads by Design is now available at their website
9/12 DK DESIGNS NEWS  Diane Kovach of DK designs announces the opening of her new website, Check it out.  It rocks!   On Sept 15 and 16th, DK Designs will be exhibiting new fall designs at the 41st Annual Roswell Arts Festival.   Diane is also offering a 6 hour beginning beadmaking class in her studio on Saturday, October 20 and other fall classes in Kennesaw and Alpharettta.  More info about classes on the website.


8/22 ELECTROFORMING RESOURCES and SLIDE SHOW Robert Simmons has sent us his Electroforming Resource Guide as well as his Electroforming Slide Show.  You can access them under Tips and Techniques. If you missed the August meeting, be sure to take a look at this. And if you went to the meeting and want to try it out, these additions should be a great help.  It is the tops!  WARNING:  The slide show may not run on all web browsers or you may have to change some of your browser settings. If it does load it will take a LONG TIME.
8/22 INTERGALACTIC BEAD SHOWS are looking for Lampworkers and are offering a discounted table rate to them.  Jeri Mitsch writes:

"The tables at our shows are primarily 8’ x  30” a few venues will have 6-ft tables.  The cost per table based on a 6 month cycle is $330/table for 1-6 shows; 7-12 shows = $275/table 13+ shows =$250.   For lamp workers we offer a discounted rate of $250 per table if they sign up for three shows in a six month time frame. Right now even if you only sign up for one show in 2007 we will offer you the $250 per table rate."  If you would like additional information email Jeri or go to their website.

8/22 THANKS TO:  Martha Fuerst who has volunteered to be the Librarian for our Resource Center and to Maureen Lovell who is going to greet and welcome new members and visitors to our meetings.
8/22 BEAD MUSEUM DEADLINE SEPT 1 The Bead Museum in Glendale Arizona is accepting beads from ISGB for their collection. If you would like to donate a bead send it to Gwynne Rukenbrod before Sept. 1, 2007 with a business card, or pertinent information.

ISGB Gwynne Rukenbrod
PO Box 32477,
Columbus, OH 43232

For more information, check the Forum thread or go to the Bead Museum's website

8/3 GATHERING PHOTOS A bunch of photos of just some of the Gathering events is up for your viewing in the Scrapbook or click below.
8/3 BEADS BY DESIGN CLASSES August September, October and November classes are now posted on the Beads by Design Website.  Click here to see them.  In addition to the classes listed, they also offer an all day beginning bead making class for a maximum of 2 students.  Class Dates are Fri Aug 24; Sat Aug 25;
Fri Sept 7; Sat Sept 8; ri Sept 12; Sat Sept 13;
8/3 BEGINNING BEADMAKING  Becky Sizemore will be teaching a 6 week beginning beadmaking class on the hothead torch starting Thursday Aug 23 at the C3 Studios in DuluthClick here for more information.

JULY 2007

7/24 SF SCRAPBOOK  Photos from our July meeting including ones of Larry Barefield's demo are now available.
7/24 FLAMETREE GLASS - WORKSHOP SCHEDULE  FlameTree Glass has just published a new class and workshop schdule. Click here to download the Acrobat file or go to their Website
7/18 Beads OF COURAGE - ALL TYPES OF BEADS Lots of news this month from Robert Simmons about the Beads of Courage Program. First of all,  Beads of Courage now wants ALL TYPES OF BEADS suitable for children.  Butterflies and Purple Hearts are still needed but so are round beads, square beads, yellow beads, dichro beads, dotted green beads, etc. etc. etc - just avoid beads with easily breakable extensions You can drop beads off in a specially labeled box in our Resource Cabinet and Robert will send them for you.  Last month SF members contributed 53 beads for the Beads of Courage Program! 
7/18 Beads OF COURAGE - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta  Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is going to start a Beads of Courage group early next year.  So we will be able to make beads for our Georgia kids as well as for children in other parts of the country.
7/18 BeadsOF COURAGE - NEW SF BUTTON  If you look to your right, you will note that there is a new Beads of Courage Button.  It has more information from Robert Simmons about the program as well as links to Beads of Courage sites. Click here if you can't find the new button.
7/18 THE VENTILATION SYSTEM THAT WHIT BUILT  Whit Slemmons who taught at Southern Flames last fall with his wife Andrea Guarino-Slemmons has given us permission to post his description of the ventilation system he assembled for Andrea.  There are instructions, photos, and links to websites for purchasing parts.   He is also writing an article about it for Art Jewelry magazine.  Click here to see the description and pictures.  We will keep the information permanently in our Tips and Techniques section so you can refer to it in the future.
7/18 CLEAN TORCHES  NORTEL, the company that makes the Minor torches that we use in the Southern Flames Classroom has just cleaned and serviced all of our torches for FREE because they are Teaching Torches.  THANK YOU, Nortel!  If you need  your own Nortel torch to be cleaned or serviced, go to the Nortel Website for more information.
7/18 NEW LARK BOOK -  Lark is publish a new book entitled "Big Beautiful Bead" and two of Kristy Nijenkamp's beads have been picked to be included.
7/18 2006 BEAD REVIEW The 2nd annual Bead Review 2006, published by Brad Pearson, has selected Kim Runge as one of the contributing artists.  For more information about the Bead Review, click here.
7/18 ISGB METAMORPHOSIS SHOW Marcy Lamberson has a piece of jewelry in the  ISGB Metamorphosis  Life Cycle of a Glass Bead juried show. The exhibit has been on display at the Heinz Museum in Pittsburgh and will be seen during the Gathering at the Evoke Gallery.
7/18 MARGO KNIGHT at SPRUILL CENTER The fall schedule for Spruill Center is now available and you can register online.  Margo Knight is teaching several lampworking classes including a 4 hour class for people who just want to see if the like to make beads.  Click here to see what Margo is teaching and to register.
7/11 DOWN THE STREET BEAD SHOW At the Cobb Galleria on Saturday, July21 (10-6) and Sunday July 22 (10-5). Diane Kovach and Donna Myrick will have a booth. For more information check out the Down the Street website.
7/9 MORE PHOTOS Adele Shepherd just sent the Web Mama some more photos from the June meeting including pictures of members showing and discussing their beads.  Click here to look at them.  Some of the photos she sent were also of Marcy's demo so we have updated that page too.
7/4 JUNE MEETING PHOTOS Photos from the June Meeting are now available in the SF Scrapbook.  You can see a few photos of the Marcy Lamberson Shell bead demo and lots of photos of beads that members brought to the meeting to discuss.  The photos were taken by Diane Kovach

JUNE 2007

6/28 DOWN THE STREET BEAD SHOW Sat July 21 and Sun July 22 at the Galleria.   Diane and Donna Kovach will have a booth there.  They have lots of lampwork and jewelry to look at - and if you have a minute ask them to show you the Kumihimo necklaces that they make to frame focal beads  - just beautiful!
6/27 END CAP TUTORIAL  Check out the tutorial for installing endcaps on large hole beads written by Larry Barefield.  It is on our newly reorganized Tips and Techniques page which will include "how-tos" written by our members as well as external sites which members recommend.
FLAMETREE CLASSES  FlameTree Glass is in Roswell.  Click here to download a PDF of their new Workshop Schedule. (Note you will need to have Acrobat 6.0 or above to open this and you can download this free program by clicking here.)
6/20 SE REGIONAL NEWSLETTER  Terry Hale. (SE Regional Director for ISGB) just sent out a ISGB South East Regional Newsletter. If you are not a member of ISGB and/or have not received a copy, you might contact Terry or a Board Member to forward it to you.  It is terrific!
6/20 JUNE MEETING NOTES  Meeting Notes from the Silent Auction in June have just been posted. Karen Barefield, who wrote them, will also be sending them out via email.
6/17 THE BEADING CIRCLE  Susan Barnes,, is the featured artist on The Beading Circle Home Page.  Beading Circle is a website that features information about beading shops in the Atlanta area.  Click here to go to their site and see some of Susan's beautiful beads. Congratulations Susan!
6/16 OVERDUE PRESSES  We have lost track of 2 Zoozii presses from the Resource Cabinet - a Medium Duo and a Kalera.  Please check your studios and see if perhaps you were the last borrower.
6/16 LOTTERY DUSTIN TABOR  The lottery for the Dustin Tabor classes will be held at the July Meeting.  Dustin will be teaching in September. If you are not going to be at the meeting, make sure your check and completed forms are mailed in time to reach Kim Runge by Tues 7/17.  Click here for class info, lottery form, a short bio.  For more information go to Dustin's website Remember only Members in Good standing are eligible for the lottery - so pay your dues if you have not already done so!
6/16 HOT TIMES in SEPT  4th Annual Hot Time in the Mountains Beadmakers Extravaganza  Hot Time is a 3 day, 30 torch beadmaking retreat held annually at A Touch of Glass in Asheville, NC. Events include demonstrations, lots of torch time, a mini bead bazaar, food, fun and wonderful door prizes. There are two sessions scheduled for 2007. Session One starts with a Wine and Cheese reception at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 27 and ends in the early-mid afternoon on Sunday, September 30. Session Two starts with a Wine and Cheese reception at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 4 and ends in the early-mid afternoon on Sunday, October 7. Bring your own hand tools and glass (although there is glass available for purchase on site).  We provide torches, kilns, O2 and propane.  Cost is 300.00 including the commemorative t-shirt; 280.00 without the shirt.  Fee includes the opening reception, two lunches and one dinner. Contact Marjorie Langston ( to register. 
6/16 BRAD PEARSON in CHATTANOOGA   Brad Pearson class dates are November 8 and 9 and this class will, as usual, be followed by a retreat weekend.  Brad will teach an intermediate/advanced class incuding advanced shaping techniques, his complicated masked dot patterns, marbles and some other off mandrel techniques and more.  The retreat offers a great opportunity to practice what you learned in class or just to share tips, tricks and techniques with other participants - lots of wonderful things have been created at these retreats.  Cost - class and retreat (if you register for both at the same time) 450.00   Class only - 375.00  Retreat only - 150.00. Contact Marjorie Langston ( for more information and/or to register.
6/16 A&J LOVE 2 BEAD STORE  Stephanie Sommer let us know that a new bead store has opened in Kennesaw. Click here for more information.  And Patricia Young sent the Web Mama a note that The Happy Bead, bead store in Cumming closed as of 5/23.
6/16 BEAD FEST - Bead Fest will be in Atlanta on August 10 - 12.   The Expo will feature over 50 hands-on jewelry and bead making classes taught by expert instructors from around the country. Courses include bead stringing, wire working and jewelry making with the revolutionary new metal clays. You can also shop jewelry making supplies o - beads, silver, tools, wire and more For information and to register for classes, go to the Bead Fest Website
6/16 HOT HEAD CLASS - Becky Sizemore is teaching a 6 week hot head beadmaking class at C3 Studios in Duluth.  Starts July 12 7-9 PM.  Click here for additional info.
6/06 EYE CANDY DEADLINE - If you would like to submit a photo for the Eye Candy Section of the ISGB Bead RELEASE, click here for detailed information. Deadlines for submission of photos for the next issue is August 1.
6/06 UPCOMING CLASSES - The lottery for the Dustin Tabor class will be in July (class is in Sept). The lottery for the Heather Trimlett class will be in August (class in October)  More information and lottery forms will be sent out by Karen Barefield and then posted here.  Only Southern Flames members can participate in the lotteries.  If the classes are not filled, they will be offered to the public at a higher rate.)
6/06 RESOURCE CABINET UPDATED - Karen Barefield has just updated the inventory list for our Resource Cabinet.  Items may be borrowed for one month at meetings and returned either during the month or at the next meeting.  Take a look at the page so that  you are familiar with all the rules.  Also if you have an idea of an item that SF might purchase for the Resource Cabinet, please let Karen or another Board Member know.
6/06 JIM MOORE SPIRAL PRESS - Jim Moore donated a Spiral Press tool to  Southern Flames   He makes amazing tools - Check out his website to see the latest ones.  Everyone who owns one of his tools raves about it. 
6/03 2006 POSTCARD - The 2006 Southern Flames postcard has just been posted on our Home Page.  We will keep it there until after the Gathering when the 2007 postcard should be available.  If you scroll to the bottom of the image, there is a link to an enlargement with the names of the beadmakers on the postcard.  You can also see "Past Postcards" by clicking on that link. 
6/01 THANK YOU FOR SILENT AUCTION DONATION  - We had many wonderful vendor contributions to our Silent Auction.  Martha Fuerst was the winner of one of the two new Oxygen Concentrators donated by OxygenPlus Medical SystemsClick here to see photos of the Martha and the concentrator and a copy of the letter she sent.

MAY 2007

5/27 FOILED AGAIN!  - Marcy Lamberson is teaching a two hour class called "Foiled Again" at Flame Tree Glass on Wed June 27 5-7PM.   We'll be using gold, silver and copper foils - doing a little reaction and having a lot of fun with them For more information or to register, click here or email Marcy.  Marcy also teaches individual classes.
5/16 MORE SILENT AUCTION PHOTOS  - Diane Kovach and Fred Feurst also took photos at the Silent auction.   Click here to go to the scrapbook to see them.  The Web Mama always appreciates photos for the Scrapbook and so do members who can't make a meeting.  Thank you Fred and Diane!
5/16 KIRKWOOD SPRING FLING  - This Saturday 5/19, Artist's Market and Children's activities.   Diane Kovach and Donna Myrick will be there - check them out at Booth #41.  Click here for location and times.
5/8 SILENT AUCTION PHOTOS  - Click here to see  some photos from our Silent Auction or push the "Flames Scrapbook: button on the right.
5/6 CONGRATULATIONS TO MARCY  - Marcy Lamberson's work has been accepted for both the Metamorphosis & Connections  exhibits at the Gathering.  The Connections exhibits pairs woodworkers with lampworkers and Marcy worked with woodworker, Charles Farrar.  Click here to see a preview of their beautiful piece piece.  Way to go, Marcy.  (Please let the Web Mama know of any exhibitions, articles, exhibits, or shows that you or another Southern Flames member is participating in so we can announce it here.)
5/6 BEADS BY DESIGN CLASSES/WEBSITE  Beads by Design now has its own website and on it they list their classes for the next several months.  When you go to the Beads by Design page on our website you can link directly to the class page on theirs.  Or click here to check out the Beads by Design Home Page:
5/6 SF BOARD AND BYLAWS - Click out the new button on the right of this page. "SF Board and Bylaws." On it you will be able to see the names and photos of the 2007-08 Board members, along with their photos.  Also on this page is a link to a copy of the Southern Flames Bylaws.  At the very bottom of the page you can look at photos of past Board Members.
5/6 WEB MAMA - Linda Edmunds has been appointed by the Board to maintain the Southern Flames Web site during 2007-2008.
5/2 DUES ARE DUE - Bring a check made out to Southern Flames for $25 to our May Meeting or send one to our Treasurer at Southern Flames,  311 Peachtree Ave, Box 11A, Atlanta  GA

APRIL 2007

LARK 500 EARRINGS BOOK   Stephanie White as a pair of very inventive and beautiful boro earrings in this new book.  The entire earring is glass including the ear hooks.  Be sure to check it out on page 131.


BEADWORK MAGAZINE - DEC/JAN Issue - Cristie Prince has an article with instructions for her gorgeous STAR OF INDIA reversible bracelet.
Orchid Daze with Fräbel: Glass Impressions - Atlanta Botanical Gardens - January 27 - April 1, 2007  -This new exhibit " integrates the Atlanta Botanical Garden 's world-renowned orchid collection with the spectacularly detailed sculptures of internationally acclaimed artist and Atlanta resident Hans Godo Fräbel. "


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