Beads of Courage

A Unique Program for Children Coping with Serious Illness


Contact Robert Simmons who is the Southern Flames Liaison to the BOC Program:

for additional information.

Southern Flames has embraced and supported the Beads of Courage program, based in Tucson, AZ. This program gives provides emotional support for children undergoing treatment for cancer.  Treatment programs can be very difficult and painful for these kids. Beads of Courage® provides colored beads to these children as the wind their way through the treatment process.  Each child selects a new bead when they have undergone a procedure. The beads are reminders to be brave, and give the children stories to tell about what they have been through.  The effectiveness program can be appreciated though Stories of Courage:

We have a box decorated with the Beads of Courage® logo on the lid available in the Southern Flames resource cabinet in Beads by Design where you can drop off beads at any time.  Or bring them to the meetings.  Your name will be entered into a quarterly drawing when the beads are gathered to be sent to Beads of Courage®. Southern Flames has hosted bead making parties for this cause.   Beads of Courage® and Frantz Art Glass have donated glass rods in a variety of colors to Southern Flames so that members can make beads for the kids.  This glass is also located in the Resource Cabinet, and we encourage our members to contribute as many beads as possible. Click here to see some of the beads that Southern Flames members have made for the program.

ABOUT BOC: The full story of Beads of Courage® can be found on their website at:

DONATION: A brief overview of how to donate beads can be found at:

GLASS BEADS: Specifics about what types of Glass beads are needed can be found at:




  • 7/21/2011 SPACE BEADS IN ATLANTA  The Beads in Space from the Endeavor mission are back and are about to go on tour. They will be at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta on Friday, Sept 2 from 4-6pm.

  • 1/28/2011 BoC at GWINNETT MEDICAL CENTER  The Gwinnett Daily Post featured an article about two children who are part of the Beads of Courage Program at The Gwinnett Medical Center.  One is a 3 week old infant in the Neonatal Unit.  Click here to read the article.


  • 9/22/10 CELEBRATION OF COURAGE Beads of Courage is sponsoring an 2 events at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHCA) on Thurs and Friday Oct 14 & 15. Children will come to pick up the special request beads that SF has been making for them:  (Click here for more details)

    October 14th, 2010 3pm–5pm 

    CHCA at Egleston Hospital

    1405 Clifton Road NE Atlanta, GA 30322

    Room 3-5 off the main lobby,


    October 15th, 2010 3pm–5pm

    CHCA at Scottish Rite Hospital

    The Zone,

    1001 Johnson Ferry Road NE Atlanta, GA 30342

  • 5/18/10 BOC in ALABAMA Click here to read this story from the Huntsville Times about 6 year old Victoria Cumbrow and the BOC necklace that circles her neck x3
  •  3/25/10 BOC IN SPACE How would you like one of your beady creations to take a ride on the Space Shuttle? We’re not kidding! As part of TEAM Beads of Courage we send handmade beads on special journeys and when they return they’re presented to Beads of Courage kids. NASA is joining TEAM Beads of Courage and will be taking some TEAM Beads of Courage for a ride into outer space with astronauts on the next shuttle launch! Click here for details!


  • NOV/DEC 09 BEADATHON Robert Simmons reports that 169 beads were made for the BOC kids at the November Bead-a-Thon held at Beads by Design.  Click here to see a photo.  In addition, Southern Flames members made about 169 Christmas beads for the staff who takes care of these children.
  • 5/28/09 WEARABLE BUTTERFLY DEMO and TUTORIAL At the Southern Flames May Meeting Robert Simmons demo a Butterfly bead which can be worn by a parent who had a child in the Beads of Courage Program.  Some photos from the demo are available and Robert also wrote a Tutorial so other beadmakers could make similar beads.
  • 3/15/09 BUTTERFLY MURRINI Robert Simmons uses an MK Diamond Product saw and blades for murrini cutting and sent the company photos of the work he does for BOC using their products.  They liked the photos so much they put them up on the Website with a link to SF and BOC. To see Robert's photos, click here.
  • 3/9/09 JEAN BARUCH VISITS Southern Flames was honored to have Jean Baruch, founder of Beads of Courage,  attend our March Board Meeting.  She was in Atlanta to meet with Robert Simmons who will assume the role of National Director of Bead Donations for BOC and to visit the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta program to which many of us have contributed beads.  It was amazing to meet her and to hear her speak about the program at our Board meeting.  Robert, who spent the whole day with Jean has written a summary of day.  Click here to read it.

  • 2/19/09 TUCSON WEEKLY This interview with Jean Baruch Executive Director of BOC, appeared in the Tucson Weekly. It provides a really good overview of the BOC program.  Click here to read it. 


  • 12/09/08  LETTER FROM JEAN BARUCH  Executive Director and Founder of BOC
Dear Southern Flames, 
Thank you so much for hosting a Beadathon Day making beads for the children   who participate in Beads of Courage!
The photos on your scrapbook from the day are Wonderful!  It was fun for me to see some familiar faces at the torch! What a great day for the kids. 
This is truly strengthening the Beads of Courage arts-in-medicine program in more ways than one…..the kids get to see firsthand how the art is made, they get to meet you the bead artist, and the enhanced human connectedness is more healing than you can imagine.  It is the very nature of Caring.  Thank you for continuing to have the Courage to Care for children coping with cancer and other serious illness.
Happy Holidays! 
Most Sincerely,
Jean Baruch, RN, BSN 
Executive Director and Founder  Beads of Courage, Inc.  (a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization)  "Providing arts-in-medicine, supportive care programs for children coping with serious illness"
  • 12/02/08 BOC MARATHON

    See Photos from the November BOC Marathon as well as photos of the 264 beads made by SF members over the 3 day period. 

  • 11/20/08 BOC, NASCAR and Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is a NASCAR driver and he is winning races wearing the  beads of Dalton Kammer, one of the kids in the Atlanta Beads of Courage program.  Click here to read more and see the photos.

  •  9/3/08 End of Treatment Bead Tutorials

Beads of Courage - Atlanta has approved four of Robert Simmons designs for Beads of Courage beads. He has written up tutorials so we can all help to make them. The beads are given to children who complete rounds of therapy, or who have a difficult time and many will be needed.   Click below to view and print copies of the tutorial.   The tutorials are also available in our Tips and Techniques Section.


  • 6/9/08 BOC Programs in Atlanta

The BoC program at the Emory campus location for Children’s Health Care of Atlanta is up and running as of June 9, 2008.  It has been very well received and is a great success.  The program at Scottish Rite will begin to give beads to the kids on October 6.


  • 7/24/08 Two BOC Programs in Atlanta

Robert Simmons reports that The BoC program at the Emory campus location for Children’s Health Care of Atlanta is up and running as of June 9, 2008.  It has been very well received and is a great success.  The program at Scottish Rite will begin to give beads to the kids on October 6.


  • 11/15/07 Reply from Jean Baruch - Beads of Courage

Dear Diane and the Southern Flames,

This is such wonderful news!! I cannot thank you enough for the
generosity that the Southern Flames continues to provide Beads of
Courage both in bead donations and monetary support. We depend upon
both sources of support to provide the Beads of Courage Program as a
psychosocial supportive care program for children coping with cancer.

The funds provided will help to pay for the related program materials
that are needed to provide the Beads of Courage Program as a bedside,
clinical intervention. Given the size of the Children's Healthcare of
Atlanta, we anticipate their yearly bead needs costing roughly
$1,500-2,000 a year after start-up.

I look forward to sharing this great news with the nurse managers who
are working with us to establish the Beads of Courage Program at CHOA.
I will keep you all posted on the date we will schedule the BOC
Ambassador Training. I hope many Southern Flame artists can attend. I
look forward to meeting you all as I will be making the trip to conduct the training.

Great news! Thank you again,

Jean Baruch, RN, BSN
Beads of Courage, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization)


  • 11/15/07 Letter from Diane Kovach (co-president SF) to Jean Baruch at Beads of Courage

Dear Jean,

I am Diane Kovach, one of the current co-presidents of the Southern Flames Glass Bead  Makers chapter of ISGB in Atlanta, GA You have been in contact with Robert Simmons, our chapter contact.

Last night at our meeting he presented the Beads of Courage to our group and showed the DVD. We the SF Board wanted to let you know that the membership joins the Board in looking forward to the BOC program coming to Atlanta. We have voted to donate $1500 to the program start-up in Atlanta . Please let me know what is the best way for us to do this.

Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you very soon.


  • BEADS of COURAGE in ATLANTA  The latest news is that Children's Health Care of Atlanta is planning to start a Beads of Courage group in the near future.  We’ll keep you posted on local developments and let you know how the bead makers in Atlanta can help.
  • CHILDREN of COURAGE   Robert Simmons received a copy this wonderful email from Kelly Lind who sent  it to Jean Baruch of the Beads of Courage Program.  I t will give you an idea of how much these beads mean to the children and their families.

Hi Jean,

Amy and I both recently experienced just how much the Beads of Courage program means to our kids and we thought we would share it with you!  We recently had a patient pass away after a long fight with her illness.  While she was with us she was always very excited about her beads and made sure to get them every chance she could get.  Amy and I recently attended her funeral service.  The patient had been cremated and her grandmother had her ashes put into one of her teddy bears.  The teddy bear was sitting in the front of the church wearing on of the patients nightgowns.  When Amy and I went to the front to talk to the family following the service we noticed that the teddy bear was wearing the little girls Beads of Courage necklace.  We mentioned it to the little girl's grandmother who ho told us that she had wanted the little girl to have everything she loved with her.  Needless to say Amy and I both started crying!  It is so nice to know that the Beads of Courage program means so much to the children and families we all serve!  So Amy and I both wanted to send you a BIG thank you for coming up with such a wonderful and meaningful program that you have allowed us to share with our families.  They really do appreciate it and the program really does mean the world to these kids!  Keep up the great work! 

Kelley Lind, BS, CCLS
Child Life Specialist

If you would like to read more Stories of Courage click here.  

Contact Robert Simmons who is the Southern Flames Liaison to the BOC Program: for additional information.

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